A Wonderful WoW Memory

April 27, 2010

Sure, it’s easy to dump on World of Warcraft these days. Whether it deserves it or not, the point is one doesn’t have to look very far to find yet another rage post about the sparkly pony, how WoW has become a stale and tedious affair, and other not-so-nice things in general. That’s why it’s so refreshing to see an article like this from Rivs, who recalls a list of his memorable moments from the game. It’s a nice reminder to all WoW players (former and present) that while the game has had its up and downs, no one can deny that it has given us all some rockin’ memories.

His post made me think about my own wonderful WoW memories, and let me tell you, I’ve accumulated many during the years playing from vanilla through to Wrath of the Lich King. If I had to choose just one to talk about, of course it would have to be meeting my husband. But if you want an actual memory related to game content itself, then I’ll have to say my best memory is this one particular fight with Magtheridon during the good old Burning Crusade days. It’s been a few years, but luckily I still had this screenshot someone else from the raid sent to me saved in my email:

Ironically, this particular incident is also an example of one of the biggest fails I’ve ever experienced with my old guild during my tenure with them as raid leader. What can I say? Mags is a complicated fight, someone  messing up during a crucial moment of the fight can cause everybody else to die. We’d done the fight before, but we also had a handful of newcomers in our raid that one particular night, a couple of younger members of our guild and a few people who have never even seen Magtheridon filling in for our usual members who couldn’t make it. We as raid leaders had to take what we could get if we wanted to get things moving.

Anyway, the attempt started off terribly. Even my usually reliable cube clickers were not doing what they were supposed to, and we lost a lot of people to Blast Novas. And of course, just because everything that could go wrong did go wrong, at 35% those trigger happy DPS who were still alive at that point caused another Blast Nova to coincide with his deadly roof shatter. There I was, tanking away at Mags on my feral druid thinking, Are you @#$%ing kidding me?, too flabbergasted to even chastise people in Vent. Somehow, through a miracle we managed to get him down to just a sliver of health…at which point we had lost all our cube clickers, and the gallant few who were still left finally fell.

Save for me and a stubborn little paladin, healing me with everything he had left to give.

So close! But there was still no way Mags was going to go down, especially with me swiping away at him with my paltry bear DPS while he was still pummeling at me, with hundred thousands of hit points still left in his health bar. “Just let me die, Eddie,” I told the pally, “there’s no way we can do this just the two of us. Good attempt, guys,” — *cough* *cough* — “we’ll get him next try.”

But that determined healadin adamantly told me no, and refused to stop showering me with Holy Light. I went with it, and God bless that pally and his “Leave-No-One-Behind” attitude that I’ve come to love in healers. Through a series of well-timed heals on his part and fortuitous dodges on mine, lo and behold, all of a sudden the fearsome Magtheridon just keeled over and died.

I wasn’t even paying attention to Mags’ health bar at that point, too focused on my own trying to stay alive, so I could not believe my eyes when that happened, and neither could anyone else in the raid. You can still see me and the pally in the above screenshot, taken just seconds after Mags fell, two lone survivors standing amidst the carnage as well as the comments of disbelief in chat.

And that was my wonderful WoW memory. One more big thanks to Rivs (and happy blog-day to him) for letting me relive that moment.


  1. Even if I’m pissed at Blizzard right now that they want to keep the daily farming in for Cataclysm, thank you a lot for reminding me why I still pine for raiding in WoW…


    • The daily farming is why I’m taking a break from WoW right now to try some other games, but I too sometimes yearn for the good old raiding days. I’m looking to enjoy WoW again when Cataclysm hits, so hopefully my time away along with the new content will make for a fresh experience all over again 😀

  2. Yeah No one can deny World of Warcraft didn’t play a part in shaping how we think, or even play MMO’s

    Great post, and it brings to mind those close calls that I’ve been a part of as well.

    And as always thanks for the link love.

  3. Great story!

    This is for the future:

    for now, simply play Guild Wars 1. Beautiful chars, beautiful game. 🙂

    • Wow, I already had a feeling I wanted to give Guild Wars 2 a try, but arenanet’s newest blog post makes me really want to play it now 😀

  4. Awesome post. I had a somewhat similar encounter with Mag once. Only the healers survived, me, a holy pally and a holy priest, running away from Mag’s with 1% health left, dotting and insta-casting and we downed him. It’s nice to recall the good times for a change.

  5. Holy cow, did you get down to 15 hit points in that fight? That’s what I call a close battle.

    • No, that wasn’t me, you’re probably looking at the raid frame for one of our balance druids. I’m not sure what I personally went down to during that fight, but there were many many close calls where my health couldn’t have been more than a couple hundred hit points before I dodged or a heal came to my rescue.

  6. Man, that Paladin is awesome; it looks like he just started rezzing people right after the boss fight.

    That must have been really cool.

    Also, you might have just inspired me to start a Science alt in STO. “No one dies on my watch, damn it!”

  7. I think beta testing the game was something I will tell my grandkids

  8. I’ve never ever played WoW in my life, but THAT WAS SO COOL!

  9. […] Best dungeon/raid moment? Well, there’s always this fight against Magtheridon. I’m also partial to the time I participated in this 10-druid Karazhan raid attempt, way back […]

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