Another Friday, Another SWTOR Update

April 30, 2010

Make that several updates. I have a feeling we’ll be getting more and more news about Star Wars: The Old Republic, at least from now until E3. My insides are already trembling with anticipation, wondering what Bioware could reveal there in June. Or maybe that’s just my stomach growling, was too busy working to eat lunch today.

This week’s biggest update, of course, is another tab revealed in the holonet record: Inhabitants! Looks like here’s where they’re going to feature the droids, creatures and humanoids of the game. I’m trying to reign in my excitement, however, as the way it looks now, the list of entries read more like a bestiary of critters, though it’s not stopping people from hoping that at least the Trandoshan will be a playable race.

Bossk says, make our race playable plz, kthxbai.

We also have updates to the Biographies page, with the additions of Darth Malgus (Empire), The Mandalore (Independent), and General Garza (Republic). For some reason, General Garza’s appearance and description remind me of President Allison Taylor from 24, especially with the shenanigans the latter is up to in the series right now.

Finally, Darth Malgus, or better known as the guy who led the devastating siege on the Jedi Temple during the sacking of Coruscant in the Deceived trailer,  is getting his very own novel detailing his Jedi-killing exploits. It’s not going on sale until December, but I know I’ll probably read it, as long as there’s a Kindle edition available.

By the way, have you ever wondered what those weird little symbols across some of the holonet records are? It’s Aurebesh, the writing system or alphabet used to represent the Basic language in the Star Wars universe. Ever the stickler for details, Bioware has included little messages on their pages written in Aurebesh, and fans on the forums have compiled all of them, translated, on a nifty little site called The Holonet Project. I’ve been checking it for a while now, and it’s a great resource for those who are interested in getting some extra hints (or humor) from the holonet entries.

For example, one of the lines in the Salky Hound entry reads: “Beware of dog.”

Oh, Bioware.


  1. I knew you’d post about the Friday update, so for once I sorta checked out what’s going on with TOR.

    And man, but Malgus sounds really cool. He’s an explorer and has a family life – and he’s on the completely wrong side. If this is what you can do as a Sith, then count me in.

    • Every Friday!

      And yes, it’s something so little, but that line about how he took an alien lover, treating her more as a wife than a slave sort of endears me to him. People are speculating that the Twi’lek with him in the trailer is the wife/lover.

      Yesssss….join me on the side of the Empi-ah!

      • I’m all about lawful neutral servants of the Empire! I’m either a Jedi Consular or… a Bounty Hunter. MWAHAHAH

        Or, well, a Sith, I guess. If I could play someone as cool as Malgus, that’d be great.

      • And, as for the twilek thing, this it totally the time for a Zapp Brannigan quote: “However, I did make it with a hot alien babe. And in the end, is that not what man has dreamt of since first he looked up at the stars?

  2. I feel like a big dork now for already knowing Aurebesh. Nice update though!

  3. Also, if they make Trandoshans playable, lets hope they can wear boots!

  4. Gundarks!

    Are you strong enough to pull the ears off a Gundark mmogc?

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