Why So Hideous?

April 30, 2010

Yes, as a matter of fact, I do find it quite fugly…but then again, no one has ever described a manta ray as cute and cuddly either, but that doesn’t make them any less awesome! And that’s what this new Maelstrom Class fleet escort skin reminds me of — a giant manta ray, albeit with clipped fins, surfing through the dark depths of space.

The irony, of course, is that manta rays are actually quite harmless.

I was surprised to see it as a new addition to the C-Store today, considering it was supposed to be the Cruiser variant “Nomad” that was to be added. But apparently, the latter’s design hit a snag with the higher-ups at CBS and had to be delayed, so they pushed the Maelstrom (which had been approved) out instead. An unfortunate turn of events for those who were looking forward to the Nomad, but good for fleet escort captains like me who were itching to give their starships a new facelift. So I took what Cryptic points I had left, made the purchase, and went on to give the U.S.S. Taiga a new look.

It certainly is an intimidating looking ship, made even more daunting by the fact it’s now armed to the teeth with the new high-end weaponry I’ve equipped. I guess doing those daily missions paid off, but I still have a lot more Marks to farm before I can buy everything I need to get to where I want to be.

Other notable things contained in the Season One – Update One that went live yesterday include a Difficulty Slider as well as a death penalty in the form of an Injury System. More thoughts on those at a later date, when I get the chance to play around a little in-game.


  1. In my opinion, that’s much prettier than the other variations on the Fleet Escort.

    • You’re right, when it comes to the looks department, none of the other variants rate too highly in my book either. However, they were at least somewhat Star Trek-y…this one, dangerous and cool looking as it is, does not make me think “Star Trek” at all when I look at it.

      • I was thinking the exact same thing, GeeCee. Cool, but not Starfleet.

  2. w00t, Pakleds!

  3. I like the manta saucer, but would probably replace the other parts.

    That CBS approved of the Maelstrom and the other Fleet Escort designs makes me wonder!

    I have not seen anything like that in Star Trek so far. I really wonder how the Nomad looked like that they refused it. The Star Cruisers have a very Star Warsy (Republic era) look to them.

    Damn, now I really want to know how it looked like. 🙂

    • Yeah, everyone was wondering how “ugly” the Nomad must have been to be rejected when everything else we have now got a pass. Cryptic said they couldn’t show us though, for obvious reasons 😦

  4. I like the skin texture of that new ship. As well haven’t seen that ship design in series before either.

    I do think in one the later series of Voyager I maybe seen a somewhat similiar ship skin texture but it was on a different faction ship though.

    Haven’t been on yet to see what’s new in the new patch otherwise.

  5. Most escorts are Fugly so its no surprise. Today is the last day of my STO sub though, at least for now. I’m AoC bound for the next month.

  6. I like it, makes me consider switching ships, since I’m not really happy with any of the skins for either the RSSV or DSSV.

  7. I think it’s fantastic and it’s been my primary ship for two months or so now, with the Galaxy Refit as an alternate.

    Lots of people like the Defiant, but I’ve never liked the look of that ship, and while the Advanced Escorts are pretty sweet, I think the post said it best: This is an intimidating-looking ship.

    I’d like to see Cryptic work on the animations, so weapons like phasers make a circuit around the saucer before firing, like they do in the TV shows and movies. I’d also like to see new, more interactive ship interiors that reflect the size of the ship – the engineering core and crew deck of a Fleet Escort shouldn’t be identical to that of an Exploration Cruiser manned by 1,000 crew members. And it would be nice to have more functionality so the interiors aren’t just a novelty.

    • I love it, I’m still flying this ship and despite all the choices I have no desire to change!

      And thank you, I didn’t like the look of the Defiant either, I thought it looked like a giant tin cockroach in space 😛

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