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Back To Killing Things With Cream Puffs

May 5, 2010

I rejoiced along with everyone when we got our new cat forms. But the one thing I never liked were these sorry excuses for paws 'n claws.

What’s that? You mean to tell me these things at the end of my arms aren’t cream puffs? Oh, my bad.

I think both my husband and my brother are conspiring against me to try to bring me back to World of Warcraft. The other day, my brother asked if he could take advantage of the Recruit-A-Friend program because he was thinking of starting over with a brand new account. I said sure, but that would require an active account on my end. My husband also thought I should try out the new authenticator, and even offered to buy me a couple pieces of gear to start me off if I were to come back.

I was seriously contemplating a return but was still somewhat hesitant. That is, until he did it, he had to go and say it:

“I hardly see any druid tanks anymore.”

Well, that does it. I have to show my bear pride, even if it’s just for a heroic dungeon every now and then. But I think I’ve hit the point where I’m just not that interested in the endgame content anymore. Reconnecting with my guild was a blast, and I’ll be doing a lot more socializing in-game if anything, while perhaps doing some pre-Cataclysm mats-and-gold farming, which is what everyone seems to be doing these days. That, and I’ll probably be leveling a Horde character for the chance to see Old-World Azeroth through another faction’s eyes before the expansion comes and changes everything. I think I still have a lowbie Blood Elf priest lying around somewhere…

One thing I know for sure though — absolutely no raids! I’m not ready to open up that Pandora’s Box again. Raiding is the path to the dark side. Raiding leads to gear-fixation. Gear-fixation leads to min-maxing. Min-maxing leads to burn-out.