Back To Killing Things With Cream Puffs

May 5, 2010

I rejoiced along with everyone when we got our new cat forms. But the one thing I never liked were these sorry excuses for paws 'n claws.

What’s that? You mean to tell me these things at the end of my arms aren’t cream puffs? Oh, my bad.

I think both my husband and my brother are conspiring against me to try to bring me back to World of Warcraft. The other day, my brother asked if he could take advantage of the Recruit-A-Friend program because he was thinking of starting over with a brand new account. I said sure, but that would require an active account on my end. My husband also thought I should try out the new authenticator, and even offered to buy me a couple pieces of gear to start me off if I were to come back.

I was seriously contemplating a return but was still somewhat hesitant. That is, until he did it, he had to go and say it:

“I hardly see any druid tanks anymore.”

Well, that does it. I have to show my bear pride, even if it’s just for a heroic dungeon every now and then. But I think I’ve hit the point where I’m just not that interested in the endgame content anymore. Reconnecting with my guild was a blast, and I’ll be doing a lot more socializing in-game if anything, while perhaps doing some pre-Cataclysm mats-and-gold farming, which is what everyone seems to be doing these days. That, and I’ll probably be leveling a Horde character for the chance to see Old-World Azeroth through another faction’s eyes before the expansion comes and changes everything. I think I still have a lowbie Blood Elf priest lying around somewhere…

One thing I know for sure though — absolutely no raids! I’m not ready to open up that Pandora’s Box again. Raiding is the path to the dark side. Raiding leads to gear-fixation. Gear-fixation leads to min-maxing. Min-maxing leads to burn-out.


  1. Well-said, young padawan. I, too, have become wrapped up in raiding and maximizing Gearscore. It’s fun but I get tired of it, especially with other Worlds beckoning, like Hyboria and the Beta Quadrant.

    BTW, our raid tank is a bear.

  2. I never got past level 40 in vanilla WoW back in the day. I cant imagine having a score based on your gear etc. thats nuts to me. I’ve never been able to find the appeal of WoW no matter how hard i tried.

    Enjoy your trip back to the dark side.

    • Gearscores are teh suck. As usual, some overzealous gamers take a helpful tool and turn it into a “how-can-I-be-an-asshole-today?” thing.

      It is quite alarming at how the game has turned even MORE so into a mindless instance and bg grind in the 8 months I’ve been away. I think I’ll find time to level that blood elf after all, and see new things.

  3. @Thac0. It is so widespread tat Blizz made an April Fools spoof about it this year:

    • OMG thats too funny!

    • Wow, that’s crazy awesome.

  4. As much as I love the Dark Side(going to play a Sith inquisitor!) I’m going to urge you to resist too. I burned out real bad last time and me being the raid leader it got real bad.

    have fun and please stay away from the crack

    • Ooh, a Sith inquisitor! Bounty hunter for me 🙂 For the empire!

      And everyone’s right of course, post edited to “absolutely no raiding!”

      • Dudes, is everyone going Dark Side? I guess I’ll be a bounty hunter, too. grumblegrumblegrumble

      • Actually, I think more people I know are going Republic. I tell ya, it’s the roguish Han Solo archetype!

      • I won’t be, at least not initially. I was in for smuggler when I saw a combat video of one kicking a guy in the crotch.

      • Ah, BlueKae – easily pleased by a grade-school gag.

      • “Hey, the smuggler is a classy guy!”

      • we need to get on the same server. I always end up on some weird server with nobody arounds it seems.

      • Sad but true, AH. I think it was the way the guy grabbed himself and fell over that did it for me. Still makes me chuckle.

  5. Simply do what you want. I tried to convince my very best RL friends to play this or that game with me, and vice versa.

    The success ratio was abysmal so far. Right now I am the only one left playing any MMO at all…^^

    • Too bad you have to be on the EU servers for so many games…otherwise, I would game with you 🙂

  6. I loathed DPS meters passionately when I played WoW. While they are a useful tool for testing different spell rotations, the use of them quickly devolved into an e-peen meter. I can’t even imagine how much worse it must be with Gearscore.

    • I hate DPS meters too. As a tank, I could care less how much damage I do, but inevitably it’s the trigger happy asshats in my group who try to outdo each other and end up pulling aggro 0.02 seconds into a pull.

  7. I for one love gearscore mods. I can roll over their portraits and instantly tell if the dps overmatches the tank, whether the aggregate dps is good enough, or whether the tank – healer combo undergeared for the instance. No running up to them and doing a visual check. Handy when you are running the randoms or weeklies.

    Idiots who use it for epeening will be idiots in every other way regardless.

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