Horse And Home

May 6, 2010

I was ecstatic the first time I bought a house in Lord of the Rings Online. In fact, Player Housing was THE feature I was looking forward to most when I started the game. I couldn’t wait to get a place to call my own, a personal space I could customize and where my character can escape to for some private time. Not to mention I just love me some interior decorating, even in games! Damn, how I wish I still had screenshots of some of the Sims 3 living rooms I’ve done in the past…

Anyway, back when I was still on my Elf Champion, as soon as I reached the appropriate level I scraped together all the coin I had and bought myself a little Hobbit house. I was poor as a church mouse for several days afterward, but it was worth it. I’m displaying more self-restraint his time around on my Hobbit Minstrel, however, and waited until I was sitting on a comfortable amount of money before I took Kiskadee house-hunting.

Hobbits are probably happiest in Hobbit holes, but I decided I wanted something new this time around. And since Dwarven walls make me claustrophobic and Elf houses are a little too ostentatious for my tastes, I settled on a modest homestead in the human lands.

Yay, finally a house of my own -- a LOTRO milestone!

It’s only a small standard house, but it’ll do just fine for now. How much room does a Hobbit need anyway? And while Kiskadee has been a bit smarter with her finances, she’s still not rich enough to go on a furniture buying binge just yet. As a result, the inside is also looking kind of scant, but a blazing fireplace in the corner makes for a cozy picture. So far, the only thing I’ve placed is my bed and I was very impressed by the fact I could adjust its orientation even after I’ve slotted it in its “decorating hook”. Oh man, getting more furniture is going to rock.

An empty house except for a bed. Hmm, reminds me of my first apartment.

But that’s not all. A few days ago, I also got myself a starter mount. Nothing says “I’m-all-grown-up-now” like owning your own home and having a horse in the stable.

Another milestone of sorts. Sure, it's a little slow, but it's a start!

Staring at my pony’s fat bouncy rump while it runs, however, is a little infuriating. All I can think of is my little pony, my little pony, isn’t the world a lovely place? My little pony, my little pony, everywhere you go, a smiling face! Is the song stuck in your head yet? Good, welcome to my world of pain.


  1. Oh, my house is in the Shire. My char is a human. I picked the location right next to the exit of the instance for convenience.

    It feels really a bit odd when your head almost bangs the ceiling, but my guild house is already in the Breeland settlement, so having another fast travel point elsewhere is quite useful. This is why travel time aware players often pick the dwarven homestead or the Shire.

    If you want to see something odd, ask someone to show you his “Galadhrim War Pony”. 🙂

    • Boo, my kinship doesn’t seem to have a guild house yet 😦 Too new I think. Otherwise that would have played into my decision.

  2. Have a hobbit hole myself but I haven’t been there in a while. I know I have a flower pot, a table and two bookcases someone gave me. I think I’m holding out until I can buy one of those proper bigger holes.

  3. I really enjoyed decorating my house when that expansion first launched. Be sure and get a decent door mat when the Summer festival launches, it’s much better than the plain brown one. In fact, earning a new door mat in game inspired me to buy one irl for my apartment. Who says games can’t be beneficial . . .

  4. Nice action shot of the pony! So when’s the house warming party?

    • When I get more stuff! Right now the place is an embarrassment, can’t have that!

  5. Looks cool. Is it in a neighborhood, a la SWG? or is it essentially the same house for every player who buys that style? Here’s hoping for customization in STO, as well.

    • Maybe someone else who’s more familiar with the housing system in LOTRO can step in and answer this in more detail. But what I know is yes it is a neighborhood each has a mix of different houses – standard, deluxe and kinship.

      • You got it. There are different housing maps for each race, but a neighborhood is basically an instance of the same map. Meaning all of the neighborhoods for Bree/Man housing look the same. Each has the same layout and collection of standard, deluxe, and kin houses. When you buy a house though, it has an address and a specific neighborhood (instance).

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