Ah, Those Fiery Cimmerian Girls

May 7, 2010

Age of Conan may have been greatly improved since launch, but no MMO can ever claim to be completely free of bugs. Thankfully, most of the ones I’ve encountered are little technical glitches that haven’t exactly affected gameplay. A bit annoying, yes, but game-breaking, no.

Among these are the ones that mess with my character’s appearance. They usually last only for a short time, and disappear after I zone or resurrect, etc. I’m not sure if anyone else has experienced them, but please tell me if any of these sound familiar so I’ll know it’s not just me. I’ve had:

1. My girls’ hair turn blonde

2. My faces get “shadowed”

3. My skin turn all gray (this is a creepy one)

4. My eyes becoming faded and “blind” (doubly creepy)

And ever since I’ve been playing Breawyn a lot more, I’ve come across another one: my expression gets stuck on “angry”. You know how Kyela, my horny Priest of Mitra, always looks like she’s ready to jump your bones? Well, Breawyn is always looking like she wants to jump you, period.

I guess she was more upset than I thought over her Kappa.

And another one for good measure, where she’s apparently losing it at an old lady. Real classy, Breawyn.


  1. First thought: dang, Breawyn’s hot.

    Second thought: that expression is going to old real quick.

    I haven’t really encountered any graphical problems with my barbarian, but Herald of Xotli’s sometimes suffer a graphical glitch when transforming – on their return to human form, the hair is all wonky.

  2. My raven haired priestess often had her hair turn white.

    http://picasaweb.google.com/Longascimages/AgeOfConan#5465126775660308114 here her hair is black, on the next screenshot it’s white.

    I thought it was a problem of my old system, but apparently it is not only me.

    I have also heard about the HoX transformation glitch.

    What annoyed me a bit is that I made it to level 35 and simply found no armor that did not look like rags! 😦

    • That Armor thing was my complaint too. Someone just yesterday was saying that on the forums and Funcom said that they have “hundreds of new sets with the X-Pac and each set is composed of no less than 9 pieces of armor.”. Now if they would put in an appearance tab we’d be all set.

      • Appearance tab really needs to be a required feature anymore in MMO’s, more so than crafting.

  3. Kyela is hot, i want my next character to make that face all the time.

    I have noticed the glitch where my hair turns from black to blonde quite often. The other ones sound like the ones that have been there since launch were when you are hit with a fatality by your enemy and you burn or whatnot you get the burnt textures stuck after you rez.

    • Oh, thanks for reminding me, that’s another one that I’ve had happen. I was running around with cracked red skin for like 15 minutes. I’ve only had that happen to me once though, so it never occurred to me that it might have been linked to my own fatalities. Now I’m just thankful that I don’t come back headless when I get myself decapitated!

      • Maybe you don’t get enough fatalities?

      • Oh, I inflict plenty of fatalities, but when it comes to being on the receiving end of fatalities, no it hasn’t happened to me often.

        I have yet to see a fatality on Breawyn because I play her with my husband and we’re a pretty powerful team. Kyela, being a squishy priest on the other hand, I have seen 1) burned 2) run though and 3) decapitated. The burned animation is hilarious, your character screams and tries to put herself out.

      • I’ve only seen my barbarian die to a fatality once. I usually over do it and die surrounded by three of four equal or higher level NPCs – that tends to take your life away too fast for a fatality.

        And, honestly, the number one cause of death for me has been… falling.

  4. The hilarious thing is that this makes me want to play AoC that much more. 🙂

  5. Yep, for the hair thing just swap out your headgear and it goes away. I’ve never noticed the rest.

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