Still Positively Excited

May 7, 2010

A light update from the Star Wars: The Old Republic website today — a new installment to the webcomic, Blood of the Empire #2. But that was already known from a forum announcement yesterday (and next week will be a developer blog), so I thought I would take this opportunity to contemplate my current feelings towards this game.

To be honest, my excitement for SWTOR waxes and wanes each Friday, depending on what we get for the update that week. My interest, however, is a constant. And on days like today, I realize just how much I’m looking forward to it. The webcomics, though not everyone’s tastes, are decent enough but I can’t help but feel this hunger for more. Like, hunger as in E3 can’t come soon enough for me (news on playable species, pretty please?).

Anyway, it’s no secret that SWTOR has the potential to be a very good game, and I certainly have high hopes for it. I just know I’m going to love it. But it seems like every time you say those words, someone feels compelled to jump in and warn against the dangers associated with too much hype. Fair enough; after all, who likes the feeling of disappointment or the prospect of not having their expectations met? On the other hand, I have to ask myself: “Is my optimism ‘blind’ or deluded in any way?”

Personally, I don’t think so. In fact, I know I’ll like this game because of the fact I don’t expect a lot from it. Okay, maybe that didn’t sound quite right. To put it another way, most of the time I’ll have a general idea of what I want from a MMO — but I remain realistic. It’s futile to expect a single game to cater to all my personal wants and needs. Preconceptions are what’s dangerous, not anticipation and general excitement. And so long as my interest is still there, I’m not going to ruin it by making a wishlist of my “requirements”.

Here at MMOGC, we always try to look on the bright side of things.

What can I say? I’m an indiscriminate gamer, and anyone who reads this blog with any frequency will probably know by now that I like keeping a positive outlook. Call me naive, a pleb, or whatever, but I’ve always been pretty laid back. It’s not like I’m incapable of ever forming a negative opinion, but I’ll try my best to see a silver lining and I’m certainly not averse to giving something a shot or a second chance.

In any case, it’s still way too early to pass any real judgment on gameplay or features when it comes to SWTOR. Every Friday we’ll get a little bit more information, and every week I’ll just roll with the punches. For now, I guess I’ll be off to read some more about Teneb Kel.


  1. they totally should have trained his gungan ass to be a jedi. kenobi and ra’s al jinn would have never made it out of phantom menace without him!

    • Anyone else remember that it’s his fault that Palpatine was given power, the republic fell, and all the Jedi were executed?

      Jar Jar really is the ruination of all that’s good in the prequels.

    • Damn, Ruz beat me to it.

      Actually, now that I think about it, if he had been made a jedi, the crisis could have been averted. Because clearly, he fails as a politician. The worst he could do as a jedi, on the other hand, is get himself killed and not plunge the entire galaxy into chaos.

      • What so you’d allow one grammatically challenged species into the order and not another. Hmmm, nasty bigots you all are, yes.

        Alas, the ruination of the prequel trilogy was not the esteemed Senator Binks, but the evil Darth Lucas.

  2. My outlook on gaming commentary is pretty similar to yours. Just because a game is not for me does not mean it is “teh suxxors” and everyone that plays it is a moron.

    I’m right there with you on SWTOR. Even if it turns out to be nothing more than “KoTR III: sub fee edition” I’ll still play it and enjoy the hell out of it for a month or two.

    • I don’t think it’ll turn out to be that way, but even if it does, it’ll be taking up a chunk of my time anyway, while I play out the stories of all 8 classes 😛

  3. I tend to be crazy passoniate about things I love. ToR is one of those games that even without the hype it’s getting I’d have hyped in my head anyways.

    Seriously… I’m going to take a few days of vacations probably when this comes out because I know I’ll play it to death. It’s going to be so awesome I’m going to be just like this kid

  4. I find it interesting that they’ve got you posting every week on friday about this game, and me a huge Star Wars fan, not so much. It feels like a trickle to me, which rarely prompts me to actually post about this game even though there is no doubt in my mind that it will be great.

    Yet with Guild Wars 2, they choke off all information, and then boom, floodgates open, and I post like crazy. Yet I’d much rather have a trickle like SWTOR.

    If I were to rate my interest in these two games out of 10, from 0 not interested, to 10 the most interested you could ever be in any game, 9 for GW2, and 8 for TOR.

    But I can’t bring myself to post about TOR.

  5. Coming from someone who survived the Diablo II hype machine during its development, I haven’t had much trouble restraining my feelings of either excitement or disappointment.

    If a meal is too far away, trashing impatiently won’t help. Be calm and just strike at it when the opportunity arises.

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