Tony Stark…

May 9, 2010

…Is my favorite douchebag!

I'm still, always have been and always will be, with Team Iron Man.

This week’s Sunday movie — Iron Man 2. My thoughts: I’m in agreeance with Pitrelli — better than the original, probably better than most reviews give it credit for, and hard to believe, but Mickey Rourke somehow manages to look worse in the movie than he does in real life. I felt that him and his “Whiplash” character really stole the show however, even though everyone else did a great job in their roles.

Despite a slow take-off and a somewhat anti-climatic resolution, I have to say it was an entertaining and action-filled experience and definitely more memorable than a lot of the other Marvel superhero movies I’ve seen in recent years. Overall it was a fun way to spend two hours on a rainy Sunday evening. Hope everyone had themselves a good weekend!


  1. I saw it with some friends during the midnight Friday (12:01AM) showing! I liked it 🙂 Although, I still think there are WAY too many unrealistic things that happen in it. My other engineering friend does not agree with me, unfortunately, and Iron Man is his favorite superhero. But I did enjoy this movie 🙂

    Also, I like how they’re developing the Pepper/Tony relationship. I hope it gets even more thoughtful in the next one, and doesn’t turn to clichés.

    • Ahh, I would have been at the midnight showing too if I didn’t have so much to do the next day. And I too like the Pepper/Tony relationship. It’s dysfunctional in a way you don’t see too often in other movies 😛 I was a little disappointed that they didn’t go into Natasha Romanoff AKA Black Widow’s background much though, but I guess that would have complicated things.

  2. Robert Downey Jr is just so convincing as a loveable ass hole!

    I really liked IM2 even the unbelievable bits, at the end of the day he is a comic book superhero, none of them score that highly on the realism front (batman aside)

    Bring on the avengers 😀

    • Hear hear! I’m not particularly that excited about the upcoming Thor, but I’m interested in how they’ll handle the Captain America movie and I’m DEFINITELY looking forward to a possible Avengers movie.

      • Yeah I’m sorry to say that I reckon Thor is going to suck which is a shame he is one of my favourite comic book heroes.

        Will be neat to see what they do with Captain America though.

  3. I am just sick of all comic superhero movie adaptions. Don’t want any more of them.

  4. Haven’t seen it yet, but this is the first movie in recent months that I’m not willing to just wait for the DVD release. Loved the first one, believable or not, Iron Man is my second favorite super hero after Spider-man.

  5. I’m really glad it was good. I was really looking forward to seeing it while my momma is in town (I only get to go to movies when momma is in town to watch the offspring).

  6. rdj, awesome. stark, awesome. iron man 2, not so much.

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