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RIP Frank

May 10, 2010

Sad news of the day — renowned fantasy illustrator Frank Frazetta passed away today at age 82. His realistic style and renderings captured the imaginations of a lot of people, and his works were pivotal in visualizing many of the fantasy genre’s greatest heroes, including of course, our favorite Cimmerian.

I still remember as an adolescent sitting in the art section of the bookstore enraptured by his art books, feeling sad at the same time because my mother wouldn’t let me buy them on account of all the mature content. Thanks for all the great artwork, Frank. You will be missed.

Conan the Adventurer - by Frank Frazetta 1966


Time For A Hordie’s Point Of View

May 10, 2010

I am constantly lost, have zero gold to my name, and look like I’m dressed for clown college. Ah, to be a noob again!

Ever since I started playing World of Warcraft, all my characters have been predominantly Alliance. I have never leveled a Horde character past level 15, and that’s something I want to change. So this weekend, my husband and I rolled new Tauren characters. Growing up, I bet you he was one of those “Hey, if little Timmy gets a shiny new toy, then I want one too!” types of kids, because as soon as he found out about my plan to experience old world Azeroth (most importantly, before it’s forever changed by Cataclysm) through the eyes of a Horde, he wanted in as well.

Being a moo-cow wasn’t my first choice, but hubby wanted to be a hunter and my sense of vanity disliked the idea of being an Orc or Troll (Edit: and enough Blood Elves for me, thanks!). Let’s face it — their women aren’t exactly known for being comely (well, with the exception of “that one female Troll face.”) Tauren females on the other hand, despite having robust frames and a voice like one of Marge Simpson’s sisters, can at least pass for cute sometimes.

Usually, when my husband and I play together, one of us is always a healer. But I’ve already played Shamans and Druids extensively, so I decided to break the pattern and go with a Warrior, a class I’m still somewhat unfamiliar with. Also, I figure if we ever want to do instances, having one person being capable of tanking may help us get into groups a lot quicker, even with the Dungeon Finder.

Every good warrior needs a nice strong name, so I dubbed my character “Miakala”. No special meaning or reason behind it, I just liked the way it sounds. Without further ado, I entered the game and prepared to discover this brand new world. My husband, who had been faster with the character creation process, was already there waiting for me.

Me: “Tokala.” Nice name.
Him: Thanks. I like yours too.
Me: Crap, you do realize our names share the same ending.
Him: Hey, yeah. Guess that’s kind of weird. I just liked the way “kala” sounds.
Me: Same.

"Oh great. Now people are gonna think we're one of those couples that insist on matching names!"

In the past, our leveling combos have included Mage/Paladin (AoE heaven), Priest/Shaman (you heal my back and I’ll heal yours), and Druid/Druid (the mother of all swiss-army-knife duos: caster, melee, healer, tank — you name it, we got it). All of these have worked out swimmingly. So, how good will the synergy be between a Warrior and a Hunter? I’m looking forward to finding out.