RIP Frank

May 10, 2010

Sad news of the day — renowned fantasy illustrator Frank Frazetta passed away today at age 82. His realistic style and renderings captured the imaginations of a lot of people, and his works were pivotal in visualizing many of the fantasy genre’s greatest heroes, including of course, our favorite Cimmerian.

I still remember as an adolescent sitting in the art section of the bookstore enraptured by his art books, feeling sad at the same time because my mother wouldn’t let me buy them on account of all the mature content. Thanks for all the great artwork, Frank. You will be missed.

Conan the Adventurer - by Frank Frazetta 1966


  1. Oh wow

  2. I’ve always loved Frank Frazetta’s work. I used to have Frank Frazetta trading cards with all his paintings on them.

  3. So sad that we loss a man with great talent. His works inspired a lot of artist and I am sure that even after his death he will still continue inspire young artists to do their best and keep the art of fantasy painting alive.

    Thank you for everything Frank!

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