Glad I Gave It A Second Chance

May 11, 2010

I threw myself into a new commission this morning and afternoon, trying to keep busy with work. But now I am officially HYPED for Age of Conan’s Rise of the Godslayer.

And now that 4pm EST has rolled around, the great Glen “Famine” Swan has spoken — 4 more hours of downtime (Edit: And again)! Can’t say I didn’t see that coming, it’s a new release day after all. We’re not new to this. But even if something unexpected (expected?) happens and the community explodes with rage, I still think that Funcom really deserves a pat on the back. Remember, even Scarybooster says there’s no need to wait for one specific week out of the year to give a developer our thanks, credit should be given wherever and whenever it’s due. And I feel like hurling one out right now.

Of course I’d love for the expansion launch to go smoothly. But I gotta say, even if RotGs causes the AoC servers to implode and no one gets to play on launch day, I have to give Funcom its props. Despite a disappointing release back in 2008 and the cries of “Failcom” that followed, the developers did not give up on AoC’s great potential. They cared enough to improve it, and I think their hard work has paid off. The last three months since coming back to this game have certainly been enjoyable for me, and I can’t believe I’m here tonight waiting for its expansion. Who’d a thunk it?

Second chances are rarely afforded to the online game industry these days, and that so many players have either picked up AoC or are returning to it now speaks volumes of the work Funcom has put into the game. While I’ll admit you guys are killing me with this extended downtime, I’m in no way angry, upset or disappointed. Impatient? Okay, I’ll give you that. Excited? Yes, most definitely! So wth this post, I’d just like to say, “Thank you, Funcom, and all the best.”

(Besides, I’m still trying to figure out what class to roll for my Khitan. At least I’ve narrowed it down a little.)

Dark Templar

Bear Shaman



Herald of Xotli


  1. I said something smart once 😛

    I do think people need to relax and hold their pants on. A patch causes enough problems. An expansion is like slapping tge servers in the face. Give them a chance to get up and fight back before you kick them while they are down. I just got AoC loaded up on my computer and I can’t wait to try the game out, but I will wait before I scream I’m on fire like Rick Bobby

  2. Gamers are a bit like kids.

    They are fat and obese, but Big Mac and Coke are the best food evar. They can’t appreciate fine wine and quality food anymore.
    This is a WoW vs the rest comparison. 😉

    And, joking aside, Blizzard can pull absolutely idiotic stunts and people say its great. See Sparkly Pony, or the oh so wrong but quite common “WoW had a great launch day” myth.

    I am looking forward to your daily, screenshot heavy blogposts about AoC RotGS. 🙂

    • Every game has had its ugly launches. People just forget after they actually get into the game and start having fun. I predict the same in this case. There will be people bitching about how they didn’t get to play this on launch day, threatening to cancel and uninstall…but everything will go mysteriously silent as soon as the servers go up.

      And you’ll see plenty of screenies, don’t you worry 😛

  3. Hey GC, how do you like your BS? I’m thinking of making my Khitai character one.

    • I hear they get pandas. 🙂

      • one spell in the AA will summon a Panda. I have confirmed this. The rest of the party will get bears if they are not from khitai.

    • They are fun 😀 A mix of melee and healing, I’m constantly either doing a combo or keeping my health or my husband’s up, never a dull moment. It’s not a class I would recommend for a first character because of its complexity, but since this isn’t yours I would say go for it!

  4. I am having class woes too. I can’t decide between demo/HoX or BS. Demo looks cool but I dont know if its gimped or not..

  5. Damn… your starting to make me miss AoC… wich I didn’t think was possible. I had a Dark Templar back at launch but didn’t get very far past Tortage.

  6. I’m surprisingly excited too! If only the damn servers hadn’t been down for 2 days solid 😦 Haven’t even been able to log in yet and only just finishing patching 😦

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