Journey To Khitai

May 12, 2010

I did manage to fit in a few hours of Age of Conan last night, after the servers finally went live. Oh my God, I haven’t seen this many people running around in-game since launch.

My new Khitan character has been made! Naming her was a bit of a challenge, since I like to give names that fit the lore or are appropriate for a character’s background. As Rise of the Godslayer draws heavily from the Korean and Chinese cultures, I decided to name her Xiaohuli, meaning “Little Fox” in Mandarin. Guaranteed to be butchered, methinks, but it’s pronounced approximately “shee-ow-huli” if anyone is interested to know, or you can call her “Huli” for short, which is simply just “Fox.”

"Foxy" lady.

At least now in this game you can run around with a Chinese name for roleplaying purposes and not be immediately tagged for a gold farmer, but I’m already weeping for the inevitably that are names like “Longdong”, “Hunglo”, “Eggfuyung” or “Chowmein.”

Xiaohuli’s a Guardian, a decision that was influenced by my sadistic sense of irony which revels in being able to create petite women just to deck them out in heavy weapons and armor and make them tank. That, and I’ve always been curious about being a “Polearm Guard”.

As much as I’m looking forward to the Tortage experience again, I left her outside the gates in the jungle as a humble Level 5 for now. My husband wasn’t able to finish patching before bedtime last night, unfortunately, and I don’t want to get too far ahead of him. He tends to pout when that happens.

Instead, I hopped on over to my Level 80 Priest of Mitra, to see if I could get her started on earning her Alternate Advancement points and perks. But first, behold my Killer Rhino mount! (Cue uncontrollable, maniacal laughing!)


Me and several guildies also banded together for our first trip to Khitai. For those wondering how to get there, the path begins in the southern point of Khemi in Stygia, where a local traveler named Madu waits to take you across the river where you can then talk to a wagoner about starting your voyage to the east. The wagoner will offer you a choice: either pay for the trip to Khitai with coin, or offer up your services as a mercenary to protect the wagon as it travels. If you choose the latter, you have the chance of getting a random encounter in which you’ll receive an objective to complete before reaching your destination. Not one to miss out on new content, I chose the second option…not to mention the first option requires you to pay out your ass.

These little “instances” are pretty neat. Unfortunately, they’re also solo, so all my guildies and I were separated at this point. You’re randomly dumped somewhere along the Silk Road, and the caravan master gives you a quest. These little missions can vary in difficulty and length, it seems. The first time, I got instructions to kill sandworms to clear the way for the wagon. Easy peasy. The second time I did this, I got a quest to collect (read: steal) baskets of fish and fruit from Hyrkanian pirates in order to replenish our own food stores. This one took me a full 20 minutes. Those pesky freebooters don’t go down easy, and navigating their base was a challenge in itself.

You want me to take out a whole village of pirates, wat.

Anyway, finally in Khitai!

Unfortunately, this is also when things started going wonky. My guildies reported crashing, others had freezes, and I myself was getting really bad lag. It seems they are having some memory leak issues again, oh how nostalgic! No really, I hope they get this fixed soon. It only seemed to be a problem in Khitai, and I found turning the video settings down to “Low” temporarily fixed this problem. This makes for crappy screenshots though, and so that was also around the time I decided to call it a night.

Uber busy with work today, so I probably won’t get another chance to play until tonight, but apparently the servers have been brought down anyway which is a good sign that solutions are coming.


  1. Thank you for the great writeup!

  2. you’d think stability would be a priority for funcom, since they’re effing synonymous with bad launches and crash issues.

  3. Oooh I’m so looking forward to playing! I haven’t even seen what the male Khitans look like yet 🙂 I’ll decide tomorrow (when I finally get on) if I’ll be playing a Khitan DT or a Aquilonian.

  4. huli is very top heavy. i say she ditches the clothes.

  5. Well written piece 🙂

    I’m perhaps guilty of being too harsh on funcom but they do make an easy target when they are so damn predictable.

    Now I know most MMOs have difficulties at launch or when expansions are added however I would have thought funcom would pull out all the stops to try and get a bit of reputation back. Instead they have went backwards and in turn may have put off players on the outside looking in.

    Anyway I hope this is but a minor glitch as I do want AoC to succeed in the long run. Its a game which I dont click with but it does have some really interesting mechanics and the world is very true to the books – the devs should be applauded for that.

    So yeah whilst I’m not there and dont plan to return I’ll be looking forward to your future articles to see the meat of the game. Fingers crossed that the expansion delivers 🙂

    • Yeah, they could have done things a little differently for sure. One thing that totally baffled me was their decision not to allow people to download the patch before hand. That would have placated a lot of angry people for sure. Another thing they could have done is take the servers down for their 12 hours of prepping a little sooner, so that any extended downtime wouldn’t have stretched into late evening when most people coming home from work were expecting to play.

      Oh well, hindsight’s 20/20 though. I hope for the best too, I ditched AoC once because of the lack of content and the technical problems made it virtually unplayable, and I would have no problems ditching it again to wait for another time if it devolved back into that.

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