SWTOR News From The UK — Just In Time For Breakfast

May 13, 2010

From Eurogamer: each class in Star Wars: The Old Republic will each go on to split further into two Advanced Classes, giving us a total of 16 specialized career choices.

Also, the Galactic Struggle notes the playable Rattataki species. Boom. From the Eurogamer Hands-On article:

Worth mentioning at this stage – this is the first non-human playable race. When I ask about others, I’m given an entertainingly evasive answer that they’d only be using humanoid races because love scenes get weird with blobs.

Great. Now I’ll have this image stuck in my head ALL DAY LONG:

Even the creepy thought of her and Luke kissing is infinitely less vomit-inducing.

Yeah, yeah, I know, Hutts need lovin’ too.


  1. I wish this game would stop sounding so perfect. There is a huge ditch to fall in if they don’t live up to their hype

  2. Ganta to je ya tanay! Wooorhahahaha!

    • Okay, I’ll admit this cracked me up! I’m such a nerd, I remember what that means.

      • You remembered?! I had to look it up! LOL

      • I’m almost embarrassed to admit this, but when we were younger my brother and I would make fun of each other by mockingly reciting Jabba quotes. I didn’t know that was how it’s spelled out, but when I worked it out phonetically I had a feeling I knew which part of the movie that was.

        The other thing we liked to do is find ways to throw in Greedo quotes to each other in just every day conversation, like “Kuna to chuta Solo?” or “Song pich aley!” (it’s too late!) which is my personal favorite because you could use that in so many scenarios.

        Ah, those were the days. We were so young then and it was such a long time ago…but for some reason, Huttese seems to stick with you forever 😛

      • Hah! Thats awesome!

      • Geedo’s lines were always my favorite.

  3. Carrie Fisher! Alright!

    I mean… what was this article about?

  4. I’m still debating scoundrel or gunslinger. marauder or juggernaut just sounds like they’re trying to be x-men.

    Asajj Ventress was Rattataki.

    • I wonder what’s in store for bounty hunters, and then how we can further spec into the branches.

      Ventress creeped me out when I started watching the clone wars, but then I watched the ridiculousness that is the duel between her and ahsoka and I just went ugghhh…I really dislike that annoying little Togruta. I hope she died a terrible death in the jedi purge.

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