Go Go Gadget Flamethrower

May 14, 2010

A great week for Star Wars: The Old Republic updates. I was particularly interested in reading a lot of the many new hands-on articles out there, simply because they focus on the Bounty Hunter, which is still so far my class of choice.

Watching the Star Wars movies as a kid, I was never dazzled by Luke Skywalker or even by the roguish charms of Han Solo. No, for me, it was always about the Fett man. To this day, I still try to convince myself that the new prequel movies never happened, that they were really just in my head, a waking nightmare induced by all the wild shenanigans of my teenage years. But alas, they did happen and with every blasted Spike TV Star Wars marathon I am reminded of how those movies robbed my favorite bounty hunter of all his delicious mystery.

But I digress.

Reading these articles, what really interests me is that the Bounty Hunter doesn’t necessarily have to be a depraved and evil class, despite the shady archetype. If I can choose to be a self-serving character, unbeholden to any Sith Master or Empire stooge, and have the ability to make decisions based on own moral compass, I’ll be a happy camper. That said, the alignment system will probably make a light-sided Bounty Hunter out of me. The prospect of being a “gadgeteer” is also very appealing, in addition to the mobile and aggressive “cover-is-for-pussies” play style.

This week’s EA EU Press Event also gave us a wealth of information. With the introduction of the Advanced Class System, Bioware has set up a new page to give us more information on how it will work. This game just officially gave me one of those pinch-myself-to-make-sure-I’m-awake moments. Every time I turn around it seems like they’re announcing something fabulous, but this stands to make a lot of people happy if they manage to pull it off. Take as much time as you need, Bioware, I can wait a while longer if it means a fine polish over everything you promise to deliver.

There’s also a new dev blog out on creating worlds, with a focus on the mysterious planet of Voss. Their choice of planet to talk about was probably no accident, given how very little anyone knows about Voss. “Open for creativity” was a relatively good way to put it. A few days ago, fellow blogger Hunter wrote up a nice summary of his thoughts on the SWTOR planets revealed to date, and he called it — Voss appears to be rife with original story elements. I just love seeing how the devs think, and the amount of thought and care being invested into their game never ceases to amaze me.


  1. Woooot! I’m right! first time ever!

    but on a serious note it’s awesome to see that developers are sometimes even more nerdier than I am. Like the 3 page document detailing how voss speak. That’s a lot of nerdgasm right there.

    • It’s amazing isn’t it, how they can make you look forward to a planet that no one knows about and has barely been mentioned at all in the IP.

      • not just make you look forward to it, make it more interesting than planets that have.

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