Postcards From The Federation News Service

May 15, 2010

I know this blog has been inundated with Age of Conan related posts lately, but I’m trying to find time to give my other games some attention as well. Last night, I decided to take my mind off Hyboria for a while, and fly some starships instead. Star Trek Online’s Season 1.1 Supplemental went live on Thursday, and I figured it would be the perfect opportunity to check out some of the crafting changes at Memory Alpha.

Well, my plans changed as soon as I logged in and saw that the Federation News Service chat was alive with activity, from fellow fleeties Tipa, Blue Kae, Longasc and our newest member Syp. The Rear Admirals decided it would be fun to do something together, so it was off to the Laurentian System where Longasc started us off by leading us to a little-known sub mission called “Distress Call” in the Klingon Scout Force fleet action.

I definitely felt a little rusty, even though I’ve only been away from STO for a few days. But it was fun times, and I’m hoping these Friday fleet nights can become a regular occurrence so that the FNS might finally see some STF action.

Here are some screenshots from last night. Getting a couple of these cost me my life! Trying to take screenies in the midst of a battle while enemy ships are blowing up left and right — not a good idea. Ah, the lengths we go to to bring you decent galactic journalism!

In his haste to kill the Klingons, Bryn shoots RIGHT THROUGH Tipa! Longasc ducks just in time.

On the bugged bridge of the U.S.S. Daxter. Whoa, trippy! You see, kids, this is why you shouldn't do drugs.

Some good Newsies teamwork happening here.

This just in! SPARKLE SPARKLE Twilight Klingon ships!

All hell breaks loose!


  1. Whoa, Syp has joined the FNS? Damn, that’s awesome!

  2. Also, fantastic screen shots. I should, uh, really play that game sometime.

  3. Hehe, and I was out at an Irish Pub all evening.

  4. the screenshots do make sto look cool. makes me wonder what crytpic is working on next.

    • I wonder myself, but another part of me thinks they really should focus all their resources on the games they have out now.

  5. I swear I didn’t mean to shoot Tipa. My finger slipped. /whistles_innocently

  6. Ahh missed it, busy doing the night shift all weekend.

    • Maybe next time? šŸ˜€ We need admirals for the STFs!

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