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So We Meet Again, Memory Alpha

May 17, 2010

Last Thursday saw the release of Star Trek Online’s Season 1.1 Supplemental, which boasted a large scale revision to the game’s crafting system at Memory Alpha. I’ve been stock piling anomalous data ever since I found out that a revamp might be coming, so I was looking forward to seeing the changes. So without further ado, a quick rundown of my thoughts regarding the “new” Memory Alpha:

1. First things first…

My biggest problem with the system before was that we couldn’t see our R&D progress. Investing all that data and equipment without having a lick of idea as to how far away you were from the next tier…it was disheartening, to say the least. But now, we can look that up anytime! Simply use the drop down menu on the mini map!

2. But apparently:

Any Memory Alpha progress you had prior, will be converted to the approximate new skill amounts. Due to some store restructuring, this may mean that some items you were previously able to make may require more skill than you have now, but it will be close.

As Massively so eloquently put it, there may have been a bit of “fudging of numbers” here and there. And as such, my own numbers were much lower than I expected. Yeah, sorry, but I’m certain I was a lot more progressed than that.

3. But no worries…

They’ve made it relatively easy for me to claw my way back to my former glory. With the changes, some of the recipes have had their number of components reduced. Not to mention there are vendors at Memory Alpha now who will sell you some of the basic equipment required, so no more crossing your fingers hoping for that special drop.

4. Then again…

I’m finding that some of the mid-level anomalous data samples have lower drop rates than others, such as the Unknown Alloys and Tetryon Particles. Figures, those are the ones I need to get back on track. The recipe requirements using those materials are still quite high, and so I’ll either have to invest the time to try my luck in exploration space for these, or shell out some credits…that is, if I could ever afford it.

5. But I suppose…

The game needed a way to keep the crafting process at least somewhat challenging, and I totally get that. Still, in the end, there just doesn’t appear to be much value in anything you can make, especially now that you can buy “purple” quality gear with marks you earn from dailies. So, aside from being a completist, I don’t see much of a reason to work on crafting at all! It’s still just not quite worth the time and effort!

6. To be fair…

Cryptic did say this was just a start. And it’s a damn good start, and definitely a step in the right direction. Overall there are some disappointments but at the very least, they addressed my biggest beef with the system by giving us a proper progress screen. Now that a new framework has been laid down, with more options such as unique recipes or additional crafting hubs, they may turn this system around yet.