So We Meet Again, Memory Alpha

May 17, 2010

Last Thursday saw the release of Star Trek Online’s Season 1.1 Supplemental, which boasted a large scale revision to the game’s crafting system at Memory Alpha. I’ve been stock piling anomalous data ever since I found out that a revamp might be coming, so I was looking forward to seeing the changes. So without further ado, a quick rundown of my thoughts regarding the “new” Memory Alpha:

1. First things first…

My biggest problem with the system before was that we couldn’t see our R&D progress. Investing all that data and equipment without having a lick of idea as to how far away you were from the next tier…it was disheartening, to say the least. But now, we can look that up anytime! Simply use the drop down menu on the mini map!

2. But apparently:

Any Memory Alpha progress you had prior, will be converted to the approximate new skill amounts. Due to some store restructuring, this may mean that some items you were previously able to make may require more skill than you have now, but it will be close.

As Massively so eloquently put it, there may have been a bit of “fudging of numbers” here and there. And as such, my own numbers were much lower than I expected. Yeah, sorry, but I’m certain I was a lot more progressed than that.

3. But no worries…

They’ve made it relatively easy for me to claw my way back to my former glory. With the changes, some of the recipes have had their number of components reduced. Not to mention there are vendors at Memory Alpha now who will sell you some of the basic equipment required, so no more crossing your fingers hoping for that special drop.

4. Then again…

I’m finding that some of the mid-level anomalous data samples have lower drop rates than others, such as the Unknown Alloys and Tetryon Particles. Figures, those are the ones I need to get back on track. The recipe requirements using those materials are still quite high, and so I’ll either have to invest the time to try my luck in exploration space for these, or shell out some credits…that is, if I could ever afford it.

5. But I suppose…

The game needed a way to keep the crafting process at least somewhat challenging, and I totally get that. Still, in the end, there just doesn’t appear to be much value in anything you can make, especially now that you can buy “purple” quality gear with marks you earn from dailies. So, aside from being a completist, I don’t see much of a reason to work on crafting at all! It’s still just not quite worth the time and effort!

6. To be fair…

Cryptic did say this was just a start. And it’s a damn good start, and definitely a step in the right direction. Overall there are some disappointments but at the very least, they addressed my biggest beef with the system by giving us a proper progress screen. Now that a new framework has been laid down, with more options such as unique recipes or additional crafting hubs, they may turn this system around yet.


  1. I checked the changes on the test server weeks before and bought all needed data samples way ahead of time. The blue Mk X shields and guns sell for quite some money!

    But I have good news for you: I am out of Tetryon Particles or don’t have many, but I still have a full stack of Unknown Alloys.

    The time to turn the crafting changes into a profit is over -> take your time instead and wait for data samples prices to go back to normal. 🙂

    • I’m not a “crafter” in MMOs in that I do it to make any money from my professions, but I do like to have my skills maxed anyway, so I can make things for myself. I can see how it might be easier to make some decent stuff for yourself with this system when you’re leveling up, but sitting at RA 5 now I think I’d rather just grind marks to equip myself and my ship. 😀

      You’re absolutely right, if I’m going to max my crafting just for the sake of having a complete progress bar, I should just wait until prices settle down again, or even until Cryptic decides to add more powerful unique recipes 😛

      • From what I’ve seen so far, the crafting really makes more sense during the leveling process than once you hit RA3 and get access to the Gamma Orionis sector block. Still, it takes a while to get enough marks to fully equip a ship, so I am still using a few crafted pieces even at RA5.

      • You’re right, for someone who is leveling up and keeping up with the data farming, I agree that the system can provide them with really good equipment. Even at max level I can see myself using some of the crafted items (if I’ve got the materials) to put on my ship before I grind enough marks for the purples.

        But if a slot was meant to be replaced in a few days anyway, I would probably just get the gear I can buy at Earth Spacedock for marks of exploration. I think to make crafting more meaningful though, the highest and most powerful items you can make should be on par with the ones you can get elsewhere, and not just treated as “placeholders”. That or if the items you can make can be unique in some way, where you can’t obtain from any other source.

  2. This is a really well done and thoughtful post with very good concerns as well. The picsare just Epic!

    The Crafting system gear not a benefit to my Admiral with his gear.

    Looking back glad unloaded most of all of my data samples weeks ago at a good price which I had sold off slowly. Only thing still have is those low lvl radation and alien samples.

    The crafting system should have value. Can only hope they keep working t get it right.

    Don’t think have any unknown alloy but if I do will send them to ya.

    • Thanks to both you and Longasc for offering your data, but it’s all right…I probably won’t be working up my crafting for a while, not until I get the motivation to do it. You may as well sell them off on the exchange now for a bundle of credits while the demand is still high! 😀

      I’m just disappointed that my progress turned out so low in some of the research areas. A few people had this issue too, and Cryptic explained how some of the conversions would end up a little wonky. Makes sense…it’s just a pain in the ass now to level up again because I had advanced past some of the required data types and don’t have them on hand anymore. I am, however, sitting on a ton of high level anomalies…if I do ever get hit with the urge to level my crafting, maybe I can sell them to fund my purchase of the ones I need 😀

  3. There was no progress bar… wow…

    glad they added one but silly Cryptic should have put it in in the first place. I didn’t try memory alpha when I was playing because of all the horrors stories I kept hearing. Maybe I’d give it a shot now.

    • Not only was there no way to see your progress, the very first tier of R&D also took FOREVER! People were crafting for the first time in this game and and were having no idea why nothing seemed to be happening. Most also leveled past the corresponding anomalous data stage so quickly there was no point to keep trying. It wasn’t until later Cryptic drastically reduced the requirements to move on to the next tier.

      • The missing progress bar is one of those things where you can’t believe they missed it. There was a similar issue in Champions where a power called Personal Force Field didn’t have any UI indicator on how charge up it was. They finally added an indicator about four months or so.

      • I don’t know what Cryptic was thinking. I often wonder if it was a gross oversight or if they truly thought this would be a good idea to challenge (read: annoy) the hell out of their playerbase.

  4. Awesome pics, especially the first one with Data. That scene plays in my head often when I’m doing scanning missions.

  5. This was the most amazing post ever, with those fantastic pictures. You deserve this for your efforts.

  6. I haven’t played STO and, after everything I’ve read about it, I’m not really sure I want to. I’ll probably check it out one day but right now I’m not that excited about it.

    Oh… I absolutely loved the photos and captions in your post 😀 Made me chuckle!!

    • Heh heh, thanks. And as much as I’ve enjoyed STO, I have to admit they rushed its development and as such you do get the feeling the game was released incomplete. Though to Cryptic’s credit, it’s clear that they are working hard on improvements.

  7. […] gear, I was hoping to rely on the changes to Memory Alpha to keep me going. Well, my plans didn’t really pan out there, even though the changes were a good start for […]

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