I Pray I’ll Never Find Myself Stranded And Alone In The Misty Woods Of Maine

May 19, 2010

*Blows dust off Xbox360*

Oh, what have we here?

I’ve been spending a lot of time playing MMOs lately. Aside from using my Xbox360 to stream the occasional episode of Star Trek: Enterprise, the poor console has been pretty much neglected. Well, that’s going to change this week. A few days ago, I found out I still had some credit left over at the game store, so I took a trip down there yesterday to see what I could pick up.

Guess I chose a hell of a day to do that. Being a new game release day, the place was swarming with people looking to get the week’s big titles — Red Dead Redemption, Alan Wake, the new Prince of Persia game and ooh, Shrek Forever After.

In the end, it came down to RDR or Alan Wake. After much consideration, I chose the latter because:

  • It’s described as an “intense psychological thriller”. Oh oh oh, I love those.
  • It’s supposedly inspired by shows like Twin Peaks and the X-Files, as well as the works of Stephen King. I love those, too.
  • The game plays out episodically. Like 24 or Lost, each chapter will reveal more clues to the overall mystery.
  • It focuses on story.
  • It’s an Xbox360 exclusive.
  • Chances are my brother will end up buying RDR, so ha, I’ll just mooch off him later.

Anyway, half an hour into Alan Wake and I was already kind of creeped out. The problem is, while I love the action survival horror genre, I’m way too gutless for the stuff. This is going to sound really pathetic, but I don’t think I can play this game at night.

It was already pretty dark when I got home, so I had to turn the game off before I could get even more drawn in. I didn’t get to play very much as a result, but I’m liking what I’ve seen so far. Already, the story is reminding me a little bit of Secret Window (the movie version with Johnny Depp, that is. Haven’t read the King novel yet) and I’m loving the pervading themes of “dark” and “light”. Definitely looking forward to playing more later today, ’cause you know, I can only continue that long journey into the darkness in the warm, comforting light of the afternoon.

P.S. The game actually takes place in Washington state. But of course, one can’t help but visualize the fictional setting of Derry, Maine when it comes to anything Stephen King inspired.


  1. I’ll be blowing some dust off my Xbox as well tonight, although I went with Red Dead Redemption instead of Alan Wake. I don’t like scary movies (*shudder*), so it was never really a consideration. I hadn’t even planned to get RDR either, bit there’s been to much buzz on Twitter and blogs for me to resist it.

  2. when it comes to survival horror games, i’m a HUGE pussy. that might actually be my general view on video games. as i feel like a bitch in any game once i lose my squad or team and have to go it alone for the solo missions.

    and i’m finding RDR to be pretty much grand theft auto with horses.

    • That doesn’t bode well for my enjoying the game then. It should be at the house when I get home from work, so I should know soon if it was a bad impulse purchase or not.

      • Interesting…I did enjoy GTA as it kept me busy for hours. And if there’s that exploration feel to RDR that would be sweet. I’d love traipsing around a town in the old west! 😀

  3. Both RDR and Alan Wake are on my birthday list and I’m looking forward to playing them both. Can’t wait to hear what you think as you get further in the game.

    • If you like scary movies or novels, you may like this game. It’s giving me chills while I’m playing 😛

  4. Horror games and horror movies do nothing but disappoint me. They try to pass off loud noises and fake outs as creepy or frightening material instead of actual scary stuff and thats just irritating.

    • I know what you mean…I don’t like those too much either, because I find it actually less scary for me. I can play those kind of games in the dark at 1am in the morning and go to sleep right after, no problem.

      I wouldn’t say Alan Wake is like that though, at least not so far. It does a really good job with the atmosphere and story, it doesn’t even need loud noises or fake outs to give me chills. The “horror” behind it is definitely more psychological.

  5. […] – I outlined in an earlier post about why I decided to pick up the game in the first place, but despite my optimism I still had my […]

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