/Gawk – Far To The East Edition

May 20, 2010

My photo travelogue through the savage world of Age of Conan continues! With the Rise of the Godslayer expansion live, for the first time in this screenshot series I’ll be posting images taken from beyond the Silk Road!

Yeah, I seem to have this obsession with posing my characters in fields of tall grass.

Welcome to the Gateway to Khitai. My Khitan character was dumped here right after she finished her destiny quests on the island of Tortage, but she’s not home yet. Technically still within Hyrkania, this region is one of the five new zones added with the expansion, and is a level 20-40 area. My first impression was, “Wow, this place is bloody huge!” But perhaps it was only an illusion, caused by the abundance of wide-open space. After all, I would say there are several playfields in-game right now that I would consider enormous…except they feel much smaller when I’m constantly running into the side of a mountain or falling off a cliff. Somehow, I don’t think I’ll be having those problems here.

Sprawling land as far as the eye can see. Not going to find too many places to fall to my death here.

Funcom said they drew heavily from the cultures of ancient China and Korea when visualizing Khitai and developing its myths, creatures, and locations. I can definitely see and feel it.

Hmm, not entirely sure what Xiaohuli is up to here. Maybe some morning taichi?

I believe that the kappa is a legendary creature found in Japanese folklore, however. Speaking of the kappa, I have to admit I’m slowly starting to get used to mine. He’s still ugly as sin, but tee hee, I do kinda like the fact he changes color each time I bring him out.

"What do you think, boy? Relative of yours?"

From the first moment the Great Wall appears on the horizon, you know there’s fun and adventure to be had! Beyond it is Khitai proper. Peering over the wall, you can catch a glimpse of the pagoda in the Northern Grasslands Province.

Xiaohuli's going to have to stay on this side for now, where the mobs aren't going to one-shot her.

Once again, I am impressed by the work they’ve done for the musical score. Pleasant shivers ran down my spine as I stood before the Gateway, listening to the melancholy sounds of the erhu as the imperial banners of Khitai fluttered behind me. The only downside:  no more Helene Bøksle. Nonetheless, you can be sure I’ll be picking up the Rise of the Godslayer soundtrack.

The Khitan armor I've collected looks pretty good so far...except my belt looks more like a hula hoop.

And finally, I was right — the exclusive puma pet that comes with the retail box is simply adorable! Sadly, this one pictured here belongs to my husband, because I got the digital version of RotGs instead.

Damn you, EB Games, damn you and your crappy stock and lack of pre-order options!


  1. OMG the belt is horrible. haha. I however am running around in a soiled burlap outfit. I suddenly realize why i hate cloth armor wearing classes when i see your screenshots.

    • Oh my god, isn’t it?! That damn belt is so big and distracting, it’s like I stole it from King Conan himself.

      And I’m with you on the cloth armor, I ran around in a burlap sack for the first 30 levels or so on my PoM as well. Can’t wait until I can equip some of that heavier armor I see on people running around.

      • That seems to be a universal issue. The heavy armor in LotRO is much better looking than the cloth or leather as well.

      • Man, all the classes I like use silk or cloth armor. And suffering armor envy. :^(

  2. When I saw the “tai chi” pic, the first thing I thought of was, “The Hiiiiills are aliiiive . . . !”

  3. Really like that first picture, AoC does have a gorgeous world.

    • Yeah, that’s my favorite picture as well 🙂

  4. Those are some great pics. Glad I have something to look forawrd to.

    And just a catty aside, these screenshots look like the game EQ2 wants to be and completely failed to achieve. The difference in ages certainly doesn’t help, but EQ2 looks so plastic in comparison.

    • The player models and textures certainly look a lot better in AoC than EQ2. I actually quit EQ2 shortly after launch because I couldn’t take the plastic looking avatars, and didn’t go back until they released the SOGA models (ironic since I don’t typically go for Korean art-styled MMOs).

  5. nice pics!

  6. AoC looks awesome. I can wait to pass the newbie zone

  7. I believe I said your pet wasn’t so bad. just needs getting used to.

    • I guess so, I’m starting to not notice him in the vicinity whenever I fight anymore. But I still generally want him out of my screenshots, I just always forget to dismiss him LOL

  8. Gorgeous screenshots , keep em coming !
    I am looking forward to Khitai!

  9. speaking of the Kappa , anyone notice if you stop around for 1 sec (turn in quest , sell to vendor , etc … ) you’ll turn around and find him curled up and taking a nap . such a lazy pet , but in an adorbale way !

    • Yeah I noticed that the first few times I summoned him. I was a little worried too, because when I moved around he didn’t wake up! Then I realized if I ran far enough, eventually he would follow.

      Also, love how all your pets keel over and die when you dismiss them 😛

      • That’s… terrible. I mean, I smile in glee when I get a fatality with a fire spell, and even I think killing little kappas is terrible.

      • If you summon/dismiss quick enough, you can make yourself a pile of kappa corpses, about 3-4 deep.



      • Dude, that’s… dude.

      • Ha ha! That’s terrible.

  10. I was a little disappointed that we didn’t get to actually go inside Khitai immediately at level 20 as I really wanted to see Paikang but I suppose it does help build the suspense! Now I can’t wait to level my guy up to level 80 so he return home!

    • I think you can go to Khitai as a lower character though, you just can’t get far because of the level 80+ mobs. I brought a couple guildies over to Northern Grasslands, they were around level 40 or so and they just ran around the gates on the other side looking at stuff 😛

  11. Oh, forgot to say… how much does the Gateway zone capture the feel of Mongolia?! It’s incredible.

    • I agree! Loved the yurts in the Hyrkanian camps, etc.

  12. […] Oh, and a funny thing about the above video is, whoever made it actually grabbed one of the screenshots they used from this very blog. At 0:36, I was like, “Helloooooo, that’s familiar”. It’s my very own Khitan alt Xiaohuli. […]

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