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Cue The Imperial March

May 21, 2010

Friday Star Wars: The Old Republic update — third issue of Blood of the Empire is  out.

Feeling Hoth Hoth Hoth

But of course, the really big news of the week is that yesterday, Hoth was confirmed as another planet. I had a feeling they weren’t done with those, and now I guess the people who were demanding an ice planet can finally be happy (well…I guess all except for those who were calling for Ilum).

Anyway, Hoth is great. But ever since I heard the news, I wondered how Bioware was going to justify its relevance in this time period, and I guess the term “starship graveyard” has a nice way of making me forget my doubts. And I’m just gonna go ahead and ask the question that’s on everybody’s mind: Can I has Tauntaun mount, please?

The Hoth announcement is also Bioware’s way of celebrating the fact that on this day 30 years ago, Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back opened in movie theaters.

"From toys, to fashion, to punk rock, its influence is everywhere." -- Sean Dahlberg

I curse the fact I was born a little too late for it, but I’ve often thought about what it must have been like to see that movie on the big screen back in 1980 and I envy anyone who did. I mean, it changed Star Wars 4ever! And because, if there’s ever a geekier, more self-indulgent and unscientific use for a time machine, I’d really like to hear it. Seriously, I would, you know…just in case.