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For The Love Of Denobulans

May 24, 2010

About a month ago, I set out to watch all the episodes of Star Trek: Enterprise, and found that I really enjoyed the first couple of seasons. Every episode was a new story of exploration, diplomacy or combat, and I also liked seeing how things first got started, like how humankind first developed the warp engine. Unfortunately, somewhere in the middle of the third season, I started losing interest. I think in their attempts to dramatize the show, the producers went a little too far and took the series in a drastically different direction.

Also, the three main characters — Captain Archer, Trip and T’Pol — started wearing on me, and I found myself wishing there were more stories about the others, like my favorite character Dr. Phlox.

Even though I have mixed feelings about Enterprise, the good doctor has inspired me to look into having my own Denobulan in Star Trek Online. That’s how I came upon Star Trek Online: The Fans’ Site and their many Alien Creator tutorials. It’s definitely worth checking out!

Before this, I had no interest whatsoever in re-creating any of the existing Star Trek alien races in the game, but I have to say, their Denobulan that was added last week looks quite nice. Besides, I’m getting a little tired of my current Chief Medical Officer. Putting a reptilian with a head injury in charge of my crew’s health probably wasn’t a very good idea in the first place anyway.