For The Love Of Denobulans

May 24, 2010

About a month ago, I set out to watch all the episodes of Star Trek: Enterprise, and found that I really enjoyed the first couple of seasons. Every episode was a new story of exploration, diplomacy or combat, and I also liked seeing how things first got started, like how humankind first developed the warp engine. Unfortunately, somewhere in the middle of the third season, I started losing interest. I think in their attempts to dramatize the show, the producers went a little too far and took the series in a drastically different direction.

Also, the three main characters — Captain Archer, Trip and T’Pol — started wearing on me, and I found myself wishing there were more stories about the others, like my favorite character Dr. Phlox.

Even though I have mixed feelings about Enterprise, the good doctor has inspired me to look into having my own Denobulan in Star Trek Online. That’s how I came upon Star Trek Online: The Fans’ Site and their many Alien Creator tutorials. It’s definitely worth checking out!

Before this, I had no interest whatsoever in re-creating any of the existing Star Trek alien races in the game, but I have to say, their Denobulan that was added last week looks quite nice. Besides, I’m getting a little tired of my current Chief Medical Officer. Putting a reptilian with a head injury in charge of my crew’s health probably wasn’t a very good idea in the first place anyway.


  1. Phlox was always one of my favorite characters from Enterprise, although I never had a problem with the three main characters either, Hoshi however got very irritating.

    Anyway, cool find for that link. There are a few alien males asking to join Bryn’s crew, I think maybe I’ll add a Denobulan too.

    Love the pic you included, I remember enjoying that scene with the smile because it was so quick and incidental but made Phlox seem more alien rather than just generically humanoid with forehead bumps.

    • I don’t know, there’s just something about Dr. Phlox, maybe it’s the actor or the make up they put on him, but the first time I saw him appear on screen, I thought there was something very sinister about him. It could be the unnatural blue eyes or the intimidating eye ridges. Anyway, that smile when first I saw it actually gave me the creeps!

      But as they developed his character I realized that everything about him was the opposite of sinister. He was the only character I found nothing to dislike about. Even Hoshi, like you said, got on my nerves after a while. Anyway, I especially liked that episode where Phlox was trapped in decontamination with T’Pol who was under the influence of the pon farr. Watching him trying to be a gentleman fighting off this hot female Vulcan who’s trying to get in his pants really cracked me up.

      One thing I regret though, is not being able to make my characters smile in the STO creator, because I’d love to give my Denobulan that big Dr. Phlox smile.

      • Wow, I never got the sinister vibes from him. After watching several series with Klingons and Borg, though, Phlox seems cuddly.

        I really need to pickup the DVD’s and rewatch seasons 1-2,4. Not sure if I’ll bother with the Xindi season again.

  2. My favorite from Enterprise were the Andorians. Phlox was cool, but I always found him mildly forgettable. I’m sorry GeeCee! Can we still be friends?

    • Haha, no problem, I liked the Andorians too. I didn’t think too much of them at first, but then Shran started making regular appearances and I took more notice of them. I loved that one scene where he was tricking the aliens working with the Xindi by claiming that he and his crew were scanning for some rare mineral…er, Archerite!

      • I get the sense that the Andorians were suppose to come across as foils for the Vulcans, passionate and aggressive. And cooler in my opinion! (Pardon the pun!)

        Granted, the Vulcans are dicks in Enterprise.

  3. Where are you with your trek watching now? Last I remember was you were watching St TOS?

    I was so disappointed with enterprise. It was supposed to be a whole different take on trek, ended up being the same damn cliches, stories, and even the same guest stars. Shran for instance.

    The serialization element was okay, but there was always something missing from that series. Travis was a kind of older, Wesley. Hoshi was hot but terribly written. Tripp was dumb as a brick. I never really liked bakula’s take on the character. And you can’t give a vulcan role to just any hot chick, you’re gonna need a strong actor to portray the nuances of vulcans who aren’t supposed to feel emotions, but usually do. Oh and they totally neutered…uhm… security dude by bringing in the marines.

    • Yep, I finished TOS and am catching whatever I can of TNG, DS9 and Voyager on TV since they play episodes from those series every day (I love Space channel!) Since Enterprise was only 4 seasons, I decided to work on that one separately.

      And I could see how they originally wanted to be a whole different take on Trek, but perhaps the ratings got them to reconsider. By third season, they had added “Star Trek” to the main title when before I noticed it was just “Enterprise”.

      A lot of the characters also devolved into personalities I didn’t much care for. I used to really like Hoshi and Malcolm (the “security dude” 😛 ) until both of them became really whiny. Watching T’Pol and Trip started making me feel like I was watching a teenage soap drama. Like I said, Phlox was the only one I still had positive feelings for by the end of third season.

  4. I didn’t like Enterprise when it first aired but I kept hearing good things about it so last year I started watching the DVDs. Season 1 was very ‘meh’ but after that it really started to get good. Loved the 4th season a lot and it’s a real shame that they cancelled the show. I mean Voyager can run for 7 seasons but Enterprise can’t?! Travesty! 😀

    • Season 4 did get a lot better…but I think by then it was too late. I heard a lot of Star Trek fans were also pissed off at it for retconning a lot of things and screwing with the canon, but I don’t know enough about the IP to comment about that.

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