Kodo Kouture

May 25, 2010

So, last night in World of Warcraft my Tauren got her Kodo and I just wanted to do a quick post to celebrate this milestone. I know, big whooping deal right? Yes, I realize this achievement would mean a lot more if we didn’t get our first mounts at level 20 now.

Though that change has been in-game for a while, for someone who has been around since the Vanilla WoW days I still find it a little hard to wrap my head around it, especially since I left the game not long after it was implemented. I guess I can’t complain; this is going to shave hours off travel time in the long run, and I can only rejoice. This should help make traversing the Barrens a lot less painful now.

In any case, this is still cause for a celebration because I’m excited that for the first time ever, I have a Horde mount.


  1. Even though WoW kind of bores me to tears these days, I have to say that the last time I subbed up I found it thrilling that mounts had gotten so much easier to obtain. I went through and bought mounts for every character over 20 on two (nearly full for me) servers, as well as upgraded to an epic battle sheep on a dwarf hunter. That was literally the high point of my month, burnout kicked in again before my main even made it to 80. My point being that yeah, even though it’s pretty dead easy now, buying your first mount at 20 does still feel like a big deal 🙂

    Grats in any case!

    • Also, it’s a nice feeling to get something as awesome as a mount when you’re still such a lowbie. Imagine, still in the Barrens and already riding! To someone new to the game, I’ll bet that’s a pretty good incentive to keep playing. 😀

  2. Ah 20-level mounts. Yes, it will be easier to travel. I still kinda wish they’d implemented the idea of plains running for the Tauren. It would have been awesome, *running* at 200% or more.

    • Heh heh, plains running would have been awesome, but Taurens still shouldn’t be robbed of a mount 😛

  3. Yeah it is lot nicer now and a lit cheaper. It took me to level 46 on my first toon to get a mount and I never got an epic mount till TBC came out and I was level 70 for a ling time. It cost a 100 gold for my first mount back in those days.

    • Yep, the first time around it also took me around level 46 to get my first mount because I was so poor. I never got the chance to get my epic mount at 60 either. When TBC came out, and I couldn’t afford it until I was somewhere in Zangarmarsh.

      Oh and don’t even get me started on my Warlock mount! Ugh, I still remember farming for those mats and then trying to find a decent group to go do my felsteed quest with me! One can argue that with the mount changes people will have even less of a reason to do those specific class mount quests, but good riddance I say. At least the quest lines are still around if you want to do them, but the expansions trivialize that content now anyway.

  4. Can’t you just learn those from your trainer now? I know the ‘lock and pally level 20 ones are on trainers. I did the brutal ‘lock quest chain for the epic back in the day, and it’s an experience I’m glad I had. But I can’t say I’d be happy to do it again.

    • You sure can. I leveled a pally last year and at around level 60-61 you were able to buy the ability and mount. Even though the quest was still available, you weren’t required to do it anymore. I imagine you just go through the same thing at level 40 now if you’re a pally or lock, and that quest will become available when you reach level 60 and if you choose to you can still do it.

      And I feel the same way…finishing the quest line was rewarding and I’m glad I did it, but no way do I want to go through it again. I feel the same way for my epic flight form quest on my druid. Ohhh gawd, just remembering the horrible grind for Lower City rep is enough to put me into a coma. This was before you needed more than just “honored” to get keyed for heroics too, and of course there were no tabards to let you champion for factions like you do now.

  5. wow, really? I vaguely remember hearing about this, but the fact didn’t sink in till this post. I mean, I got a Pali into the early 30s, back in the early BC days. I can’t believe that now, I’d have had a mount for half of that play time. Madness. Seems like it cheapens mounts a little.

    • Yep, it’s in effect right now! And just think, another few levels and could have your epic mount already! No need to do the pally quest either.

      • -_-;

  6. Congrats on the new ride.

    Even after they updated the options, I held off on claiming my charger on my paladins until I could complete the quests. There was something about winning my charger instead of buying them from the trainer that makes it feel more special. Even though I waited until my human pally was level 70 before getting my epic.

    • I agree, there is something very rewarding about the achievement, and completing it makes the accomplishment feel that much more special. I admit I took the easy way out with my paladin though. I’d helped many guildies with their pally mount quests pre-TBC and I had no desire to do it for myself 😛

  7. Grats! The Horde definitely have the best looking mounts. Personally I can’t wait to get a Wolf mount for my Undead Priest alt!

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