They Were All Out Of My Size

May 26, 2010

I played some Age of Conan tonight, and was able to gain a couple more levels. Now that I’m almost level 30, I’ve collected almost a full set of Khitan armor. So, I put it all on. Hmm. Feels a little…loose.

Fellow blogger and guildie Thac0 (Minjee) asked me, “The belt makes more sense now, doesn’t it?” He was, of course, referring to my ginormous hula-hoop belt that I complained about last week.

Just kidding, Minjee. Love you! -- Having some fun before server lag crit them both for 5000 ms.

In answer to his question…well, yes and no. The other day I was walking down the street and I saw this huge ad for a major fashion chain. I can’t remember what it said exactly, but it was something along the lines of “It is not the jacket that is oversized but it is the model that is undersized. In the end, the effect is the same.” Whatever, fashion ads and their slogans never make much sense anyway, but looking at my character tonight, I couldn’t help but remember those words and chuckle to myself.

So maybe that’s it, eh? It’s not the armor that’s freakishly large, I just made my character too darn small!


  1. To be fair – if it’s suppose to look like heavy armor, it does a great job.

    Also, look at that adorable kappa!!!

  2. I like it! I know its a bit huge but it looks much cooler than the normal Medium Armor you usually get.

    • Yeah, all my Khitani armor makes me look like a rice paddy farmer. D^:

      • My cloth armor wearing HoX looks that way too. In fact a poor, and dirty farmer at that.

      • In about 3/4 of a level, I’ll be able to wear HEAVY ARMOR! Yeah, let’s see how I’ll look then 😛

        On the bright side, I know I will NOT look like a paddy farmer!

  3. On the bright side, I know I will NOT look like a paddy farmer!

    Good, you’re counting your blessings. Cause, I mean I’m just BURNING UP over my Herald of Peasantry outfit.

    I feel really BURNED on the whole thing.

    Whoever designed my cloth armor should be FIRED.

    … too much?

    • Yeah, your comment is really BURNING my ass. Prepare to be FLAMED! 😛

  4. Hehe. I won’t have that problem because my Khitan character is a huge fatty 😛

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