A Weekend Of iPads, Breakdowns and Moose

June 1, 2010

Okay, so, um…a few days ago I joined the evil Apple cult and bought an iPad for my husband (it just came out Friday here!). I’d been thinking about getting it for him for a while, ever since I realized I’d been a pretty crappy wife this past year. Last Christmas was a crazy time and so I never got him a real present. I didn’t give him anything for Valentine’s Day either (well, other than the obvious thing) and so I wanted to make up for all that, and with our anniversary and his birthday that’s also coming up it also gave me a reason to surprise him with something BIG…but that’s it for him this year, my bank account is crying!

My husband is by no means an Apple geek, but he does love new gadgets. What also makes the iPad a perfect gift for him is that he spends an appalling amount of time traveling for his work. I liked the idea of giving him a light, slim device with a nice big screen he could easily whip out anytime while idling in an airport terminal, or while on a plane or train to watch movies, read ebooks, or play games.

It also came in handy this weekend on our vacation up to the north. He certainly wasted no time downloading apps — lots of games and books for the daylight hours lounging by the hotel pool (I got a sunburn on my shoulders, ouchies), and for the night time, this awesome app called Star Walk. We spent hours on our balcony holding his new toy up to the starry sky, watching a live representation of what we were seeing displayed on the screen, which followed along with our movements. Most impressive app I’ve seen so far, and definitely more effective out in the rural country side, where there’s hardly any light pollution.

My husband also managed to find himself an MMO game, called Pocket Legends. Okaaaay, that’s just way too much. I don’t think I will ever play an MMO on an iPad…

All in all, it was a nice relaxing weekend, except we ran out of gas on the way back home, and broke down on the parkway right near an exit ramp (how embarrassing). There was also this big bag of garbage lying in the middle of the highway nearby which had been reported to the police, so there just so happened to be a couple of cops nearby to assist us (how serendipitous!) One of them actually offered to take me in his cruiser to the nearest gas station to get some gas (how exciting!)

I’m sure my hubby also found the games on his iPad to be a great distraction while sitting by the side of the road waiting for me to get back. Ah, technology, what a wonderful thing you are. Obviously, I thought getting to ride in a cop car was way more fun. I got to sit in the front because the officer said the backseat was for perps only (in any case, it was taken up by the big stinking bag of garbage at the time).

Anyway, because post-weekend blogging is always more personal for me, I leave you with this interesting bit of Canadian wilderness we saw by the side of the road while on our way north:

I hope everyone had a pleasant weekend (and Memorial Day, for our neighbors to the south).


  1. Hehehe, now I know you live in the same country as I. Nearly ran over a fox last weekend. Funny you mention a moose tough cause I’ve been killing them over the weekend in Forochel.

  2. When I had surgery one time, the anesthesiologist showed me pictures of a moose he’d encountered on a recent vacation as I was going under.

    • LOL, to the anesthesiologist — random much?!

  3. so what is star walk exactly? I don’t think you quite got acrss what it does. information on star constellations or something?

    so was that mounties or opp?

  4. @Hunter

    Yes, it shows information on star constellations, and if you tap on a star it will give you information on it, stuff like size, rotation, surface temp, distance away, etc. It also has info on time of rising/setting for the sun, moon, mars, venus, and other stars/planets of interest. The app uses your current location and time, and with the internal compass built into the device lets you see see what you’re looking at in the sky on your screen, and the image moves with you as you pan.

    And it was the Toronto police 😛 I’m pretty sure if it had been the OPP they wouldn’t have given me the time of the day.

  5. I’m a total apple geek fan! All 3 of my active usable PC’s are all Mac’s. Plus my IPhone. I been meaning to get me a IPad but just haven’t been able to make it all the way across town to the store at the mall to pick on up. I guess I can always order one, but still nice to go to the store and sell my brain on actually buying something I know I’m gonna buy. Maybe this weekend I’ll make a IPad mine.

    You know it’s always nice to see a nice pic of nature and the wild, something about looking at real pixels that’s appealing.

    • I had little interest in it before, but now that I’ve had a chance to play with it, I really do think that this device occupies a niche of its own. Very cool, I just lament the steep price tag. It’s a gift to someone I love though, and I knew it was something he’d want but won’t buy for himself, so it’s worth it 🙂

  6. I was pretty excited to see the iPad here in the UK and briefly considered getting one for my wife. Unfortunately though the lack of Flash support is a huge problem and it means she can’t play Sunshine Farm 😦

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