Never Too Late For Some Spring Cleaning

June 2, 2010

Nope, never too late, not even when we’re on the verge of summer (I can’t believe it’s June already), especially when it comes to organizing my game list and computer hard drive.

Sadly, last night I canceled my Star Trek Online sub before it can charge me again for the next billing cycle. Here’s where Raptr came in handy in helping me make my decision. The tracker shows I’ve only been on STO for a total of five hours in the last month. I just can’t justify the subscription cost anymore.

It’s not that I don’t have time to play STO, it’s just at this point I have to surrender to the fact that the game content has not been motivating me enough to log in. After finishing up my dailies grinding to replace my weapon slots with high quality “purple” gear, I was hoping to rely on the changes to Memory Alpha to keep me going. Well, my plans didn’t really pan out there, even though the changes were a good start for Cryptic.

What I’ll miss  most is playing with the people and my fleet that I’ve met over the last few months. Never let it be said that STO fails at providing players with avenues to foster community and be social. When doing fleet actions or other group activities, I must say the amount of teamwork and cooperation required is astounding. Those battles were the most fun I’ve ever had in this game.

I wish I didn’t have to cancel completely, because I think STO is an awesome “weekend MMO”, a game you can log in to on a Friday night to engage in some light combat or teamwork with friends. Here’s where more pricing options would have come in handy, since maintaining a sub is no longer viable and I’m not very partial to the idea of shelling out $200+ for a lifetime subscription.

Space combat is also way too awesome to give up completely though, so I’m probably just going to let my account lie dormant until the next big content patch (at the end of the summer/beginning of fall, maybe?) Hopefully, there will still be opportunities to do Special Task Forces in the future.

Live long and prosper, T'Andy.

Out with the old…

Cleaning up also involved going through my hard drive and uninstalling games that I probably won’t be playing for the next little while. These included some trials and F2P titles, as well as Aion.

I’m all about going back to MMOs even after I’ve canceled — sometimes it’s because drastic improvements have been made, other times simply because the timing’s right. I’ve never really stopped following Aion news, but so far, nothing I’ve read has really enticed me to go back. That isn’t to say I’ll never go back (never say never, I say, heh) but I don’t see myself flying over Atreia again anytime soon. Might as well uninstall it and make room for something else.

No thanks, for now.

In with the new?

Speaking of making room for something else, I may have uninstalled Aion but I didn’t get rid of the NCsoft launcher.

The reason is, I’ve been tempted to give Guild Wars a try. How can anyone not, with the torrential downpour of Guild Wars 2 news coming to us as of late? GW2 went from an upcoming game I’ve only barely acknowledged to something I’m actually quite excited for. I blame the bloggers I read who have been hyping it up too, you know who you are.

Anyway, I think my interest in its predecessor is only natural. It doesn’t require a monthly fee to play either, just purchase of the game and the subsequent campaigns if I so choose. Hmm, what do you think? I’m going to have to mull this over a little more and maybe do some more research.

She beckons.


  1. I’ll try to give you a fair pro con list on whether you should try out gw.

    On the good side it’s kind of like the ultimate casual MMO. you can pop in and out at will, never worrying much about getting to that next area. it’s all bite sized chunks for the most part. It’s really cheap too now, i’ve seen some great sales for multiple campaigns, 20 bucks for the 3 campaigns once. Eotn, the expansion, is still around 20 bucks itself. you might wait for a sale. the graphics are still decent, and it’s got a fair amount of organized pvp if you’re into that. the story is good, for the most part. The skills are intricate, and I find the mobs in some places are far more challenging than most games. the majority of content is at lvl 20 which in 2 out 3 campaigns is easy and fast to get to. so i don’t know how you feel about leveling but its a different experience in gw.

    ok downside. no crafting. I found after playing games where i have freedom of movement (jumping, swimming, whatnot) it’s a little confining to return to gw which has no z axis. population can be an issue in out of the way places, as nobody has any reason to go there. economy is rather deflated, hard to make money but cheap if you’re buying. if you’re interested in titles, it’s a grind straight up. but no grind otherwise. no auction house, lots of spam in big cities. It can be hard to meet people, you just don’t run into people often.

    • While I enjoy crafting in my games, it’s not a make-or-break thing for me by any means. I try to incorporate crafting into my leveling activities, but more often than not I leave the bulk of it to focus on when I reach the level cap.

      And I generally like the leveling experience, it would be interesting to see how GW handles it!

  2. I can only support playing Guild Wars. Most people nowadays start in the Nightfall campaign, which I recommend as well. People usually hate the slow start in Prophecies, as in GW the game starts at max level – when you still have to get elite skills and gear for your heroes and most of the games missions to master.

    But in a certain way I can assure you that the tutorial area of Guild Wars in Prophecies and the Kryta areas of the Prophecies campaign are most likely the template for Guild Wars 2. There are even players who never leave the tutorial with some chars as they like it so much.

    I also might have to look for another fleet in STO, de facto I am already playing with everyone else, mostly from the #TTS channel, but my fleet of mostly demotivated bloggers at lower ranks in a vastly different american timezone. I guess not even Squad Support (=sidekicking, match level) will help against that.

    T’Androma could replace my Klingon close combat expert in future, as he got badly injured in this role. So in a certain way you will still be around. 😉

    • I’ll have to keep that in mind if I get the game. I don’t mind slow starts, and if Prophecies is where the bulk of the story will be I’ll probably want to take my time through it anyway.

      Also, I understand where you’re coming from, it’s not easy coordinating playtimse with someone from a vastly different time zone. The late nights must take their toll.

      And yay for Bridge Officer T’Androma! 😀

      • T’Andy got a new look – it is a work in progress, I think I did not get the yellow engineering color right. Insignia are there, but did not display at this zoom level for everyone:

      • Oh wow, I like it a lot! She looks quite sharp (they all do)!

  3. GW is… different. It’s really not an MMO and the devs have never called it that. It is highly instanced and unless you can find a group it is rough going with the NPC fillers. Personally I just could never quite get into it as I kept banging my head against the campaign missions with lackluster NPC help. If it weren’t so instanced I might be able to find others in the same area to help out.

    Which, incidentally, is why I am interesting in GW2. They reversed that trend of everything-and-anything-being-instanced.

    Oh, and if you like playing around with the look of your toon, GW is a pass. Everyone is a cookie-cutter-copy of every one else. Outside of dyes you cannot modify your armor. Most of the special armor is a pain in the arse to obtain so for most of the time you’re stuck with the same basic look. Monotonous, boring.

    • I’ve heard that it’s different, and wikipedia apparently calls it a “Competitive online role-playing game” (CORPG) to make the distinction between these sorts of games and MMORPGs.

      Heh heh, and I play WoW, I’m used to looking like everyone else 😉 All joking and digs at WoW aside though, I’m glad there is a dye option at least. I hate looking like a box of crayons puked up on me, more than I hate being a cookie-cutter copy.

  4. While I have had a Guild Wars account for 2 years, I’ve only recently started playing it. (I have no excuse other than my belief GW was all about PvP, leading to my decision to let LotRO take up my limited gaming time instead.) When I finally decided to take a serious look, though, Guild Wars rapidly became one of my favorite games.

    Some people don’t like having all quest areas instanced. I think it helps the storytelling and gameplay because a) the areas can change based on which quests your group has, b) no other groups of heroes waiting ion line for a quest mob or boss, and c) that boss is not going to respawn on top of your group 3.5 seconds after you kill it.

    Some people feel the lack of jumping and invisible walls make the game too confined. I have never been much of a jumper, so I don’t really miss it when it is not there (it does get a bit annoying, though, when my brain gets used to spacebar for attack and I end up jumping like a fool in other MMO games while my group fights). The walls…ok, maybe I sometimes wish there were not so many “can’t get there from here” moments, but other games have them, too. The walls are just things like ridges that are 1 pixel more steep than you can climb or jump. Plus, it becomes part of the challenge to explore the whole map and find all the little hidden places when you do discover a path. (I love when I can take the time on a mission to explore every corner.)

    Some people think a level cap of 20 is too low and the GW gear is not powerful enough. I wish more games had low, fixed caps and horizontal expansion. don’t like entering a game where a new character has 1 hit point and a character at the lofty cap has a googolplex and can kill you with the gust of wind generated when they blink. Same with armor. Give me a chance to gather more skills as I go along, not just train them because I got a new level. Experience with those skills should determine victory, not whether I have the Epic Shoulders of Flaming Feces.

    Speaking of skills, some people feel that being limited to 8 skills at any one time on your bar is too restrictive. I think it allows for more creative builds and finally gets the action bar clutter off my screen.

    Obviously, Guild Wars is not the game for everyone. Any or all of the things I mentioned above could be a deal breaker for you. It was just the right game for me at the right time and I look forward to seeing what ArenaNet comes up with for GW2.

    Oh, and the other thing I like about Guild Wars at the moment is the new guild I have joined. Maybe, if you decide to get the game, you’d like to come along with us for a while. 🙂


    • I have a feeling that after playing Star Trek Online, I don’t think I’ll have a problem with heavily instanced content, even though I’m sure the two games handle it very differently.

      Thanks for your insights as well as for that link! Hopefully, should i choose to play, that will solve the “hard-to-meet-people” issue.

      BTW, I laughed at your killing with the gust of wind generated by an eye blink comment 😛

  5. Besides Lotro my MMO schedule is pretty empty right now. I do plan on going back to AoC at some point to explore the world but right now Lotro is doing really good at keeping me entertained.

    • LOTRO is great, it’s the only game I feel like playing when I’m by myself or right before I got to bed because it’s so stress-free and undemanding. I also just hit level 30 last night, so I’m looking forward to working my way out of the lonelands to the zones I’ve never been before.

  6. I generally don’t uninstall MMOs do the pain of downloading them again (Age of Conan is a prime example). Some are really easy to get back (EVE) but most involve hours of slow, painful downloading that makes me bang my head against the wall. Boo. Boo-urns.

    • Yeah, me too…I learned my lesson with AoC (20 gigs, are you kidding me?!) so these days I’m only willing to uninstall “big” games if I have a hard copy on hand. In Aion’s case, I actually have the retail box, whew!

      • Just remember, on an infinite timeline bandwidth is infinite. Whenever I purchase a new game and have to download content (which is most of the time, I buy off Steam almost exclusively now) I set the download to run when I am sleeping. Pretty darn snappy. Click, ZZZZZZ, done. 😉

  7. Come play Guild Wars, we have cookies 🙂

    I can vouch for Hunter, everything he’s said is true. It can get pretty lonely, but it’s the ultimate game for tooling around and discovering things at your own pace.

    I’m still trying to work my way through the Nightfall campaign myself. To help with that end I searched out a mega-guild/alliance to join so that I would have some background chatter (and a ventrilo server on which to lurk).

    If you’re REALLY not sure, pick up Nightfall. If you’re kinda not sure, pick up the 3-pack and hold off on Eye of the North until you know you enjoy the game. If you’ve made up your mind and are just teasing us with your waffling then grab one of everything and come look me up! (Morgan Ascot)

    • I’m actually not sure, but I’m more in the “kinda” category. 😛 But you’re right, if I’m to pick it up though, I would probably buy the 3-pack. It makes the most sense, from an economic standpoint.

  8. Well, I’ll miss you on STO; though to be honest, I’m not sure how much I’ll play either. I’ve got Rowan almost up to Captain, but I have little motivation here in Germany–and less free time than normal.

    • I’ll miss you on STO too, but like I said I will probably be back at some point. I’m confident STO has the potential to be a great game, it just needs time. It’s good news for the game if Cryptic continues their current course in improving it.

  9. Guild Wars was the game that started me down the road to online gaming. It really does play more like a co-op RPG than an MMO, but I found that to be a positive thing. You can play in groups from one to eight with bots to fill out your party. I soloed almost the entire game, and some of my favorite grouping was duoing with my brother along with out henchemen. The only reason I’m not still playing is a severe case of burnout.

    As much as I understand Gordon not wanting to redownload a game every time he wants to play, uninstalling is the only thing keeping me from having seven subscriptions running at once.

    • I’m relieved to hear that it’s possible to solo. While I’m not averse to grouping, nothing drives me crazier than wanting to work my way through the content but finding myself stuck because I can’t find others to play with.

      • AHHHH, Conall’s Valley drove me crazy for that very reason.

  10. Yeah, I’ve not played STO in… at least a month. Right now, I’m finding AoC to be more fun, and -cough-groundcombatisntterriblylaggy-cough-.

    And… I never knew you played Aion!

    • Yes you did! I’m pretty sure you even made a joke about it once!

      • I made that joke in light of how you liked pretty MMOs; I really didn’t know!

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