Stepping Into Guild Wars

June 3, 2010

Well, I had thought it would take me at least a couple of days before I decided whether or not to play Guild Wars — it takes time to find information on gameplay and blogs to read opinions and reviews, after all —Β  but the insight and snippets of advice I received from commenters really went a long way in helping me make my decision. I’m going to give it a shot.

I was going to wait until the weekend to download a digital copy, but I was out near the city center this evening picking up food for dinner when it started to pour. I jumped into the Best Buy there to escape the rain and decided to browse the gaming aisles…and there in the PC section was a whole bunch of Guild Wars retail boxes.

I was surprised. Normally, that particular Best Buy has a terrible selection when it comes to PC games, to the point I’ve all but given up on them. But for some reason, they were stocked very well today.

It’s a sign! And what do you know, I do prefer owning a hard copy when it comes to games.

I ended up picking up the Trilogy pack, which was suggested to me and made a lot of sense in my mind, seeing as it includes Guild Wars, Factions and Nightfall and was on sale at a pretty good price. I don’t think it was the best deal I could have gotten on the game, but I’d say it was pretty fair considering I’ll be getting content I’ll never have to pay for again.

I’m installing now, but seeing as it’s past 1am here I think I’ll wait until tomorrow to play, and then I’ll likely need a few days to experience it before expressing my first thoughts. I’m actually really excited; trying out a new game always does this to me!



    • Adding a casual game to my usual repertoire! Out with the old, in with the new and all that, tra la la! *ducks*

      • Hey, you know what? We should totally do APB, then.

      • I’d be down for some APB. When is it out?

      • Shit, I was definitely going to try APB because that’s the one game my brother has expressed interest in for the first time in years. Even if it’s just for a month to see how it is…What I didn’t realize was that the release date is June 29. I knew it was sometime this summer, but for some reason I thought it was late July…and the days have just been flying by lately.

        I guess I’ll try to fit it in…I won’t feel too bad about it, since I’ll be running on free time on AoC and LOTRO until the end of the summer.

  2. How much did you pay? And I’m interested in hearing what you think about the graphics, and also the individual gameplay quality of the different versions/expansions πŸ˜› Cause I might consider getting into Guild Wars, considering the low level cap and lack of subscription (I’m not exactly a high investment MMO guy) πŸ˜›

    • I got it for about 40 bucks, which is baseline now with the wonky exchange rates (otherwise, it would be cheaper than you can get it on the NCsoft store which is selling it for $40 as well, but USD) Your mileage may vary though, depending on what you have in BC.

      The lack of subscription is one of the reasons that made me go for this.

  3. oh wow, you’re getting into it a lot sooner than I had thought.

    I’m not sure where you’re going to start, but, i’m sort of a chronology kind of person. even if it doesn’t really matter, I always want to start at the beginning. obviously thats prophecies. which is great, because that is a starting area that is beloved by many. it is idealic and sort of gives off this warm fuzzy feeling. group size is small and most stuff is soloable.

    do yourself a favor and try out different secondaries and get as many skills as possible in the starting area. You should be level 8 before you leave i would say. somewhere around there.

    and yeah, if you need help or someone to play with, I might be around, not sure. my ign is amazing prophet. i know, bad name, have regretted it for 5 years.

    • I started at the beginning. It just made sense to me.

      As for secondaries and leaving around level 8 etc. I’m just like “huuuhhhh?” right now… πŸ˜› And I’ll probably be looking you up, if not in game it’ll be on your blog for other tips and advice like this, hope you don’t mind πŸ˜›

      • yeah of course, no worries

  4. Damn… you`re going to love guild wars, write about it and then I’m going to want to try it too.


    • Don’t hurt me!

      • Nah.. I’m going to run and buy it too this time around! Pre-emptive strike!

  5. You could try to hook up with the Massively guys, they do weekly runs. But GW can be played as a solo player game, if you wish. Heroes and Henchmen make it possible.

    The crux is, after the 2nd chapter “Factions” I already had my buddies and never ever bothered to pug again. Okay, occasionally. But I did fairly fine on my own or simply called my buddies. πŸ™‚

    I have no idea how it is to get into GW nowadays. Hunter has a point, starting in Prophecies is following the chronology. Most start in Nightfall nowadays. I sometimes think they level up so fast that they miss the beauty of experimenting with skills and builds.

    What will be your favorite class? What will be your favorite skills?

    Interestingly, I started out as male Warrior/Monk. My usual choice in most games… but I ended up as female Necromancer. In between I had tons of chars, but my Necro managed to become my true new main. Reminds me of my WoW Paladin -> Warlock progression.

    If you want some minipets, some advice, need some gear or whatever, feel free to message me. I think timezone differences will make this highly unlikely, but nevertheless, my two mains are Lady Akivasha and Sir Longasc. You can enter whatever name you want, you will also see me online if I am on one of my alts.

    • I do plan on hooking up with the massively guys at some point, maybe…someone was so awesome as to provide me with a link in the comments on the other post, but I think I’m going to give soloing a try first. I like to try things out myself at the beginning of games, get to know the ropes and find my way around, etc.

      Like I told Hunter, I started in Prophecies…I don’t want to miss any of the story. I logged in long enough last night to make an elementalist…I know a little about them, but how they will play and how I will mesh with the class I have no idea yet, we’ll just have to see!

      And thanks, I’ll add you in game πŸ™‚

  6. Very cool! Trilogy is a great deal since there is a lot of game in there. And Prophecies was a great place to start. I know Nightfall has a great tutorial, but they through so much info at you that it can be a little overwhelming. Plus the whole expansion story feeds off the Prophecies campaign better.

    Maybe I should poke my head in there too and say Hi. I look forward to hearing more about your adventures.

    • Ah, sometimes, a thorough tutorial is what I need πŸ˜› I’m surprised Prophecies doesn’t offer more in terms of instruction…I’ve just been fiddling with the interface learning as I go so far, I wouldn’t have minded a little more from the game.

  7. Just got the whole thing installed! Look for Avany Sen if you want to add me πŸ™‚

  8. Oh I haven’t played GW in years! Looking forward to reading what you think about it πŸ™‚

  9. Good choice starting in Prophecies πŸ™‚ From what you’ve said it sounds like you’ll enjoy it there. The beginning area is almost always just you. You can bring one friend if you choose, but almost everything there should be easily completed solo.

    I’ve got a character parked in that area permanently. If you ever see me online and would like some female company, just holler πŸ™‚ (Morgan Ascot)

    • Ah thanks for letting me know, I guess I should expect to be all by myself a little longer. So far, I’m managing okay though I’ve already died several times due to being ganged up (and once stupidly stepping into a flame trap πŸ˜› )

      I’ll be adding you to my friends list later when I log in today. Thanks again πŸ™‚

  10. Grats on becoming one of the GW people. Make sure you read you quests and get to know the npcs; they stick around – well most anyway. Its one of the enjoyable things in gw; the lore.
    The problem with starting profs is that you don’t get no heros. Still that’s probably not a bad thing since your just starting out.
    Personally I’d recommend going from profs then doing EOTN; you might get through both of those in time for GW2.

    • Yeah, I read everything I encounter, and am liking what I see of the lore so far! I’m going to be taking my time to enjoy this game, and so here’s hoping I can get through most of it before GW2.

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