Another “Blood Of The Empire” Installment

June 4, 2010

The emo is strong with this one.

Blood of the Empire #4 is the Friday Star Wars: The Old Republic update this week. It seems our protagonist Teneb Kel is a light-sided Sith, what with him giving his alien companion the night off to ogle dancing girls, while opting to sit by himself at the fountain-side all brooding and aloof, feeding the rats. Anyway, the plot thickens, and so ends Act 1: Shades of the Sith.

I love most comics, but I have a preference for Marvel superheroes (and Vertigo anti-heroes) when it comes to my regular titles. I don’t usually pay attention to the video game tie-ins (Wildstorm’s World of Warcraft title being the notable exception) but I gotta say, BotE is a pretty good read, especially for a free online comic. It’s a lot less confusing than Threat of Peace, so don’t let the jumbled nature of that first series put you off of this one.

A pretty light update this week but it was expected, so I can’t say I’m all that disappointed. The community manager also had this to say about ToP and BotE:

While there isn’t a plethora of meta-gaming details in there, there are some story elements you will run across when you play the game and some other morsels of info that some day you’ll go “oooooooh” when you see it in-game.

I thought as much, and it’s why I started reading the web-comics  — what I didn’t expect was that I would end up digging them so much. And with regards to this week’s update being just a new installment of BotE:

While we can understand some people may be frustrated, I want to say the vast majority of people will forgive us after E3 2010.

Yeah, I am hyped. *Sits back and waits for my mind to be blown in about a week and a half*


  1. Finally, a real-and-proper discussion of Friday Star Wars! You didn’t hook me up with my fix last week, GeeCee!

    Anyways: still loving BotE. I’m glad that we’re getting to see two ‘abnormal’ Sith, in that they aren’t mind-crushingly evil. I still have my doubts about ‘good’ Sith, but I am liking nuanced Sith.

    • Heh heh, I didn’t think you would notice. I was getting ready for a vacation so I didn’t bother that day…but I did write about how I would feel about using SWTOR companions in stories the next day!

      I think BotE is just another one of Bioware’s attempts to get people to sympathize with the Sith. “See, everyone? They’re not ALL bad! Teneb Kel is like Edward Cullen, he’s a dark, angry badass, but deep down he’s also soft, sensitive and COMPLICATED!” 😛

      I’m liking BotE, the TPB is probably something I wouldn’t buy at a comic store, but the quality for a free online web-comic is very impressive.

      • 1) No, I totally realize what you were up to, and I really liked your post on companions.

        2) And see, that’s what I don’t want them to do. The Sith are EVVVIIILLL. And anyone who thinks otherwise has already been tainted. Granted, that’s a very Light-Side-propaganda-heavy view, but it’s also true. That said, the Star Wars EU gets crazier with each passing day (‘The Force Unleashed’), so fuck it.

        3) If there were enough extra goodies in the TPB, I’d pick it up. In general, Dark Horse does a really good job with the Star Wars universe, and that’s something I’d like to support.

      • Well, I certainly hope they don’t overdo it and make the Sith too soft…I liked what they did in KOTOR. The students at the Sith academy were all deliciously arrogant and nefarious, but managed to come off as honorable as well. Meanwhile, Bioware hasn’t delved too much into the Republic, but good guys in the Star Wars IP have a tendency to get too whiny, so I hope they won’t overdo that either 😛

        Dark Horse has done some good stuff, but I’m generally not into their Star Wars titles (there are some exceptions though…there were a couple of good minis here and there and I read the Knights of the Old Republic title and own some of the movie adaptations)

  2. i’ve read through top like, 3 times now. It’s not very memorable. bote isn’t really hitting my buttons either. I was a big x-men/spiderman junkie in the 90s.

    • The story ToP was okay but the telling of it was pretty awful…I thought it only felt disjointed because of the fact it was released in installments that were only a few pages long. But then I read it again once it was all released and I still found it hard to follow. BotE is much better when it comes to writing, and I think that’s why I like it more.

      I was big into Image comics in the 90s, starting with Michael Turner’s Fathom. His art just jumped out at me when I was in the store, I just had to pick it up and then that sort of started me on my interest in comic art as well as comics in general. RIP Michael.

      Then around 8 years ago, I started getting into Marvel comics. I read pretty much everything in the main universe, as well as the Ultimate universe. My comic buying was really ridiculous those days.

      • Also, ToP’s artwork was crappy.

      • LOL I actually didn’t think it was that bad. But the art in the first few issues of BotE really blew me away. The art in this issue was sort of meh though. The Hutt, for example, looks a little off…like a paper cut out and not like a gigantic blobbish being with considerable mass and depth. This might just be me though, but LOL it was really distracting! For some reason these pages looked rushed to me.

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