Hi, My Name Is GeeCee, And I’m A Screenshot Junkie

June 7, 2010

Last week I was cleaning out my hard drive, uninstalling games I won’t be playing anymore or in the next little while. Today, I took that a little it further and decided to clear out and back up my in-game screenshots as well. After all, nothing pisses me off more than losing all my folders including my captures when uninstalling or when a game makes you re-install (Age of Conan, I’m looking at you).

I’m big on screenshots if you haven’t noticed already, and I often joke that I’m a screenshot whore, but until I started transferring the image files over to my external hard drive, I had no idea just how out-of-hand I’ve gotten with my Prnt-Scrn-pushing habits. This morning, I moved over 2.65 GB worth of screenshots, about 3000+ images taken over the last couple of months across various games. I know I share a lot of them here to go along with my posts, but to be honest, I don’t think my blog has much to do with my obsession with screenies.

I’m just a complete shutterbug, and like taking pictures for lots of reasons. Maybe too many reasons. As a result, I end up taking screenshots of everything — stunning landscapes, cool poses, epic fights, special feats, peculiar sights, first kills, bugs and glitches, guild events, silly moments, serious moments, shocking moments, cute moments, fashion crimes and the list goes on and on and on. As you can see, it doesn’t take much to inspire me.

Obviously, not all of my thousands of screenshots are good enough to share. Occasionally, I’ll prune my folders to get rid of duds, but in general I do tend to keep them all even though it’s highly unlikely anyone I know outside the gaming community will have any interest in them, ever. But it’s worth it — every now and then, I look back at these frozen moments of game time, these little tokens of my trips through MMO worlds, and let the memories come flooding back…comparable to looking at albums of past vacations to exotic places.

Okay, I like a visual record of everything. I’m either overly sentimental, or it’s a manifestation of my mild obsessive compulsive disorder.


  1. I’m a little surprised that it sounds like you moved them all. You didn’t pick through them and sort out which ones you could delete or get rid of? Surely some of these ss’s turn out bad so you can throw them in the trash?

    my god over 2 gigs. I probably have less than 10mb, i sort mine and delete anything I’m not planning on saving.

    • I usually only sort the ones I’ve taken recently…otherwise it’s too much work and time to sort through the thousands I’ve taken. I usually dump them into my external drive by bulk every two or three months. I do keep the best and special ones aside in a separate folder for easy access, but the rest I keep too because I can’t bear to get rid of anything.

  2. I store them on Picasa.

  3. Either sentimental or OCD? Why can’t you be both? I have a lot of weird random screenshots that I hold on to. I can’t seem to prune them either unless it’s a complete mess.

  4. If you think you’re bad you should browse http://picasaweb.google.com/Longascimages for a bit. 😉

    • I think I’m worse…keep in mind, this is 2.65 gigs (granted, this size does seem bigger than usual most likely because of the AoC shots) and 3000+ screenshots only in the last 2 months 😛 I’ve been playing MMOs for 4 years, so they add up…the archives for my screenshots on this particular external hard drive is about 18 gigs (I also have folders on other drives). Oh, and I’m also not counting my offline PC games…for example, I think I have thousands of screenies from the Sims games as well. Like pictures from real life, I can’t bear to dump them, so as long as I have storage space I keep them around.

  5. You have 18 gigs of screenshots…holy cow! It’s funny, but I do value my screenshots almost as much as photos. It really feels like photos I took on vacation someplace.

    • Yeah, same here…I get upset if I lose screenshots, the same way I get upset if I lose real pics 😛 Especially if I get attached to my characters, the screenshots are like a visual progression log for them.

  6. Ok, you win the screen shot war. On the other hand I can generally top that in 10 minutes. I FRAPS 1680×1050 full-screen FPS games and post the good ones to Youtube. 1 match could be 18Gb. 😀

    *glances around furtively… slides a copy of wegame to MGC*

    Didn’t get it from me, see?

    • LOL awesome, given my obsession with visual records, it’s probably a good thing I haven’t gotten into FRAPS yet 😛

  7. I think taking lots of screenshots is great. I lost a lot of my old screenshots from games like EQ, DOAC and AO and it really makes me sad 😦

    • I know how you feel…I had a bunch of screenshots left on my old laptop that died…I wasn’t able to salvage them 😦

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