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Get Me Out Of Here!

June 10, 2010

Have you ever found yourself in a game zone you just can’t wait to leave behind? I’m aware that this post is going to reek of irony, especially given the way I extolled the benefits of “stopping to smell the roses” in my last post about Lord of the Rings Online. But you know what, at some point, we’ve all just gotta say, “Smelly roses be damned, I’m going to lose my mind if I don’t get the hell out of the North Downs NOW!!!!111”

You know, oftentimes I’ve come across blog posts that talk about “blah zones” in a game (like this one from Biobreak), and even though many others will consistently pipe up to offer consensus, I always think to myself, “Nah, that must be just a myth.” But after languishing here for what feels like forever, I’ve come to accept that maaaaaybe there really is something about the North Downs that makes it so detestable. I’ve even tried to mix things up a little by bouncing between this zone and the Lone-lands, but it hasn’t been all that effective at quelling my impatience. Probably because the Lone-lands is arguably just as blah.

What makes it worse is that I’ve already burned out once in the Lone-lands/North Downs level range on a previous character, but alas, I’m still a few levels short of progressing to the next zone. Trollshaws, which I have still yet to see, advertises itself from the edges of my Lone-lands map, mysterious and enticing. So close…and yet so far.

Earlier this week, I resolved that I’m going to force myself to play the crap out of LOTRO, and I’m not going to relent until I’m out of the North Downs. I really feel like if I don’t get past this stage of the game now, I never will.