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The Jedi Civil War

June 11, 2010

A new timeline holorecord was released on the Star Wars: The Old Republic website this morning, as part of the Friday update.

Malak to Revan: Bring it!

Most of the content is already known; if you have played Knights of the Old Republic, this will be a nice trip down memory lane as the timeline summarizes the game nicely (incidentally, if you haven’t and don’t want to get spoiled for it you should probably avoid the holorecord and this post). It’s a big part of the history, so it’s clear they had to include it and link the classic Star Wars RPG to the upcoming MMO.

We already know the canon Revan ended up a light-sided male, and with this timeline Bioware has pretty much made that the final call. In the words of RobChestney from the dev team: “That said, if you played KotOR, and experienced it differently, please use your imagination to make it work.” I’ll say that’s easy enough to understand. Because both games share the same universe and take place during the Old Republic era, some degree of canon has to be established and maintained, otherwise it’ll be a complete gong show. Why some people find that difficult to accept, I don’t know.

It does, however, make me wonder how the game will approach the matter of continuity for all people playing and existing in the same game world. With the class storylines and all these “choices that matter” at stake, how will they address the fact that one player can potentially experience or remember the same event in a completely different way than another? I can see how this can be dealt with from a technical standpoint, but it’ll be a much bigger challenge if you’re also trying to work these events into canon.

Back to the topic of the timeline, I’ll say even though more has been revealed on Revan and Malak, a lot of questions still remain. What did the Sith Emperor say or do to them to make them join the dark side? And what happened to Revan after the war when he went out alone into deep space? Without any word of his fate, one can speculate to no end. Dare I hope there will be an epic quest in SWTOR to find out what ultimately happened to this legendary character?