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June 12, 2010

Thanks to a report from Massively, I found out about Weatherstock 2010, a player-run concert that takes place every year on the Landroval server in Lord of the Rings Online. It was a rainy Saturday evening and I wasn’t doing much else besides watching a replay of a FIFA World Cup match on TV, so I thought I would check this out. Being able to listen to player music is also one of my favorite features about LOTRO, so this was a good opportunity for me to watch a lot of different bands play.

Can the tall Men in the front please sit down? The little Hobbits in the back can't see!

The turnout at the summit of Weathertop where the concert took place was pretty impressive, though I really shouldn’t have been surprised as everyone knows that Landroval is a server full of awesomeness! Despite some lag which couldn’t be helped, it was the most well-organized player-run event I’ve ever attended. I turned down the audio for everything in the game except player music, and ended up keeping LOTRO running on my PC for the whole three hours to listen in while I did other things around the house.

Playing music from dusk 'til dawn.

My hat’s off (literally too, as that was supposed to help reduce the lag) to the organizers as well as to the bands who all did a really great job. Weatherstock was quite an experience!