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Hope Trailer

June 14, 2010

To me, cinematic trailers are really nothing more than tools that game companies use to feed the hype machine, and very rarely do they ever depict what actual gameplay will be like. But still, I won’t lie — ever since Bioware released their “first” Deceived trailer for Star Wars: The Old Republic I’ve had my hopes up for a second one. These hopes were finally answered on Friday night as I watched the Gametrailers TV special and saw a short “the-making-of type” feature on the new cinematic trailer that was to be revealed during E3 2010. I didn’t even care that all they showed was like 5 seconds of actual footage from the trailer; knowing that it would feature Troopers was good enough for me.

Anyway, I’d be geeking out on the SWTOR community site right now if the forums hadn’t just gone down due to extremely high traffic (I’m not surprised) so I’ll just have to do my freaking out here, because the full trailer was released earlier today, aptly named Hope.

Some quick thoughts:

  • Great job once again by Blur Studio.
  • Finally, the Republic gets some love!
  • There was speculation that this trailer was going to explain how Darth Malgus got his mask…I was actually sort of hoping for a sticky grenade to the face.
  • This trailer is going to make the Trooper a wildly popular class.
  • Looking forward to finding out more about the female Jedi with the double bladed light saber in a future Biographies page (I’m skeptical that it’s Satele Shan due to some discrepancies in age, skills and appearance).
  • Some sort of force-deflection/absorption technique was how she was able to stop the light saber with her hand?
  • That move she made looked like something out of Dragonball Z.
  • Not as mind-blowing as Deceived, but I admit my expectations were higher for this one.
  • This game is going to completely destroy my life.

Criming It Up In San Paro

June 14, 2010

Adventurer Historian alerted me to a APB key giveaway last Friday, and thanks to him I was able to be part of the Key to the City pre-launch event, shootin’ it up in-game as a criminal tonight. It took me this long to get into it simply because it took me a better part of two days to download the 7 GB client, due to technical difficulties on my side and theirs. But that’s all behind us now, and I was ready to see what APB has to offer.

Though I’m pretty sure the NDA has been lifted for the KttC event, I’m not going to go into too much detail about the gameplay simply because I’ve only had the chance to play a little bit — just enough to get a feel for it, but not enough to write anything in depth. I will in time, but if you’re looking for more detailed thoughts for now, I recommend going over to AH’s awesome write-up of his first impressions at Combat Archaeology.

I do, however, want to mention the character creator. In fact, I think this was where I spent most of my time. In a word: it’s incredible. I mean, I think this is like the kind of customization I’ve always wanted! For example, I think I once said on my blog about wanting the option to customize my toon right down to the color of my nail polish…well, it was sort of a joke, but whad’ya know, this game’s got it. I could even customize my haircut, specifying how I wanted my fringe, and how long I wanted it at my nape.

Outfit-wise, however, my plan to deck my character out in the skankiest clothes I could find was foiled by the fact that many of the clothing items (often the best looking pieces) have to be unlocked before I can access them.

Sorry guys, but I’m not about to have my character running around the streets of San Paro in nothing but her skivvies either, so I messed around with what was available to me. The goal was to have my character exude an air of I-don’t-give-a-damn…but I was also feeling a little coquettish at the time, so the result was this Patty Hearst meets Punk-Princess-Avril-Lavigne inspired get-up. Whatever, carrying that big ass gun gives me permission to look as ridiculous as I please.

Going overboard with the pink because I don't think I wear it enough in real life.

I also want to relay something else I found quite amusing. APB has built-in VOIP, so I was able to communicate to my teammates while grouping for missions. You can probably guess what was the one thing almost everybody said to me tonight — “Wow, I think you’re the only real female I’ve met in this game so far.”

Well, given its nature I can understand how this game won’t really appeal to many women. Gameplay is hectic and deliciously violent and destructive. A four-car pile-up was the first sight that greeted me the moment I stepped foot out of the beginner’s area. Then, it’s pretty much: here’s your mission, use your gun, kill or be killed. On the surface, it may seem like a relatively shallow experience, but I gotta say, nothing gets the heart pumping like a massive shoot-out or a good old-fashioned car chase with other players.

My character on the lookout, while my teammate drives like a maniac and barely misses the oncoming traffic. Don't try this at home, kids.