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Look, Your Worshipfulness, Let’s Get One Thing Straight

June 18, 2010

E3 is behind us now, and it’s been a rich week filled with lots of information on Star Wars: The Old Republic. Still, it appears they’re continuing with the tradition of Friday updates, with today’s “Fan Friday” (even though it doesn’t actually contain any Fan-created content) turning out to be a recap of everything we found out at E3.

  • “Hope” – the new cinematic trailer that showed us that despite the awesomeness of the Sith, the Republic can indeed hold their own (with an overabundance of flash and pizazz, no less) and that certain Troopers in this era have balls the size of grapefruits.
  • Player Ships – “She may not look like much, but she’s got it where it counts, kid.” Han Solo was clearly a man who had his priorities straight! Ship customization options are a cause to rejoice in my books, but I’m also looking forward to see if player ships will mean more than just eye candy.
  • Armor Progression – A short video clip that gave us a glimpse into how a character might progress, using the Bounty Hunter as an example. One  thing I noticed was how the shoulder pads seemed to get more and more prominent (reminding me of certain popular MMO) as you leveled. Also, if there’s going to be an option not to show your helmet, I’m probably going to use it.
  • Gameplay Footage – Some great videos and hands-on demos showcasing single-player experience, as well as some co-operative and group play.
  • New Playable Species – Chiss (which was a pleasant surprise) and Twi’lek (which was expected. To me, they’re like the “elves” of Star Wars!)
  • War Zones – Love it or hate it, PvP is going to be in SWTOR. More information is likely forthcoming, but for now we know that there will be these “War Zones” where players can fight for control of important areas (e.g. in the mountains of Alderaan). It’s no secret that I’m a self-confessed carebear who lacks the competitive spirit and a killer instinct, but even I must say I’m looking forward to participating in some of these battles.
  • Interviews And Podcasts Galore – So many that I haven’t even had the chance to catch up yet.

Many SWTOR speculations and expectations were either confirmed or denied at E3 this year. As with all anticipated MMOs there’s always going to be a lot questions. It is an unfortunate truth that some junkies will never get satisfaction until they can actually play the game (and even then, maybe not), but clearly there’s a wealth of information here to be grateful for, not to mention there’s one last thing…