Shut Up We’re Talking

June 21, 2010

I just wanted write up a quick post to thank Shut Up We’re Talking and of course Brian AKA Blue Kae for for using me for his “Blog of the Week” in the most recent episode of the podcast. I was glad to hear that a positive attitude is one of his favorite things when it comes to the blogs he reads, and I gotta say I feel the same way. I think it’s easy to succumb to doom-and-gloom, even on a seemingly innocent topic like online gaming. I’m certainly not immune to that sentiment, but I think we as gamers need to step back once in a while and not let the flaws consume us and rob us of the overall experience. Above all, I play games for pleasure and enjoyment. And hey, if you’re still playing, that means you gotta like something right?

So thanks for the nice things you said about my blog, Brian! I like your blog for much of the same reasons (and I’m looking forward to the beer posts!)

Anyway, as an aside I want to add that I always feel grateful when I meet new people and learn new things through the interactions I have on this blog. As one can see from the archives, I haven’t been blogging that long (since around mid-January) so this social network of sorts has been especially enriching to me. It was through seeing other bloggers write about SUWT that I discovered this fun MMORPG-related podcast. It’s unfortunate that I don’t listen to more podcasts than I should because of time constraints, but I do make time for this particular one. I do recommend checking it out!


  1. I admit I can be pretty negative sometimes, but I really have to agree with the positivity thing. Its one thing to be skeptical, and another thing entirely to never see the good points.

    grats on the blog of the week. I often see you linked from bio break or we fly spitfires actually. A pretty good sign if you ask me.

    • I don’t think you’re negative at all…For example, I think back to your Aika posts and I think you were very fair with it even though it didn’t turn out to be a game for you.

  2. You’re totally welcome. You know I didn’t realize you’d started blogging so recently, you seemed like you’d been doing it for years.

    Oh and the beer post is in the works, should be up this week.

    • Well, I had a personal blog when I was a late teen, which I maintained until I turned 21 or so, I don’t know if that counts. It was filled with silly schoolgirl ramblings and general nonsense though (stuff that makes me cringe now, a mere five years later) that only my high school and university friends read 😛 This blog is like my first real attempt at being serious and writing about a specific topic.

  3. I like positivity too but I’m going to fussy here and say that I still like to read challenging articles that aren’t afraid to express opinions. It’s a hard balance to achieve because one can either end up ranting negatively or being overly positive and uninteresting. I strife to strike that balance – MMOGamerchick certainly does 🙂

    As for the podcast… is it just me or does that thumbnail image bring connotations of BDSM? 😛

    • Heh heh, I think that if I ever came across a game I absolutely HATED I would definitely make my thoughts known. Hasn’t happened yet though, maybe I’ve just been lucky 😛

      And thanks for your kind words, Gordon, I think you strike a fine balance on your blog yourself! I also like the fact you inject a bit of your personal life in here and there, it really gives your posts personality.

      And no, it’s not just you…I thought the same regarding the SUWT image 😛

      • mmm Yes def some BDSM going on there. 😛

        I listened to the podcast as a result of this post, and they had good insights. It was cool to actaully hear Blue Kae. I hadn’t really followed E3 much, other than non-commercial blog posts like yours. They had a good wrapup analysis.

        And congrats on BotW.

  4. Usually easier for people to find something negative to say or comment on in life and especially about a MMO game vs being able to find what’s positive about looking at a game or anything else in life.

    Thus some can be overly negative about blogging on a subject about something they seem to like to enjoy. Though you can learn something from both aspects I actually like the more positive aspect of things overall. So its nice to read a blog post that looks for the positive in things though at time can highlight the not so desirable elements as well without taking a totally negative gloom and doom tone.

    • I agree, and I’d say that most of the people I read generally write with a positive or at least fair point of view. Like you, I appreciate looking at both sides, but too much doom and gloom just gets me depressed.

      Life is already too complicated without having to be fixated on the flaws of the games we play. They’re supposed to take our worries away, not add to them 😛

  5. I write what I feel like… so it can range from fanboyish to pure hatred. I try not to think about it too much and let it be. I don’t want to contrive myself to write in a particular way only to please others who might come to my blog.

    • Being yourself is the most important thing, and that’s what I strive for when I write too. Though I have to say, being able to write things out is a good filter for my thoughts. I’m waaaay more impulsive in real life and some say I let my emotions take over too much. Sitting down and writing on this blog is a good way to calm down though, and helps me put things into perspective.

      Something related to this is that while I have a really dirty potty mouth in real life, I try not to swear on my blog…on the face of it, I really could care less about cussing, but I use it as a way to challenge myself to express my thoughts in a better way 🙂

      • It’s frightening how close that comment matches my own process.

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