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In Honor Of The Kings Of Old

June 23, 2010

The Lord of the Rings Online never ceases to amaze me. Just when I thought the sights couldn’t get any better…


Longtime players of LOTRO will probably look at this and go, “Oh, yeah, it’s just High King’s Crossing.” But for a newcomer like me, the first time seeing this landmark was truly an awe-inspiring experience, from the very first moment I caught a glimpse of the statue’s head looming over a hill in the distance.

Riding under the statue’s gigantic base, I felt a passing sense of shame knowing this is probably yet another one of those important landmarks I really should know a little more about. Ever since finding out that I climbed Weathertop for the first time with its significance completely lost on me through the whole thing, I’ve wondered how much more of this game has gone right over my head without me realizing it. Admittedly, my very limited knowledge of Lord of the Rings lore pretty much ends at the Peter Jackson movies, The Hobbit, and what I actually managed to get through of the literary trilogy, which sadly, is only Fellowship and half of The Two Towers before giving up and watching the animated film instead. In my defense, my philistine self was only 11 when I attempted the books, old enough for the vocabulary, but perhaps still too young to appreciate the nuances in the writing. I do plan on one day revisiting the entire trilogy again…after 15 years, perhaps it’s finally time to stop putting that off.

Anyway, to everyone who suggested that I should check out Evendim, I want to say thanks! There’s so much to explore in this game; I have a feeling this zone would have eluded me a while longer if I hadn’t been given advice to venture north of the Shire (having not picked up any breadcrumb quests to take me there, methinks I would have gone straight on to the Trollshaws.) After languishing for days on end in the Lone-lands and North Downs, Evendim proved to be a breath of fresh air.

Night-time shot.