Toy Story 3

June 24, 2010

Unrelated to gaming, but this movie affected me in a way I haven’t felt in a long time. On the surface, just another fun and innocent kids’ movie…but under all that runs a more thoughtful and poignant message. This one will appeal to people of all ages, and I highly recommend it.

Watch it in 3D too, if you can. Not that I’m buying into this 3D trend, because I’m not. But if you’re a softie like me, those stupid-looking 3D glasses are great for hiding the tears you’ll no doubt be crying (or struggling to hold back) by the end of this movie. I can’t think of a more perfect and touching end to a story that began 15 years ago about a boy and his toys. And as our world continues on its path into the digital age, I’m reminded of a time in my life when things were much more simple, a time when a box full of toys meant the world at my fingertips, or when the feel of my favorite stuffed animal in my arms was enough to bring a smile to my face. We grow up, lives move on, and things get thrown out or lost along the way, but the memories of our childhood possessions and the joys that they brought us stay with us forever.


  1. really want to see it.

    • Wow really? This movie doesn’t seem to fit “you” 😛 But then again I guess it does…pretty sure they’re also all about targeting us folks in our early to mid 20s who probably saw the first movies as little kids.

  2. TS3 has been getting rave reviews all around. Which is pretty amazing for the third movie in a series, not many franchises have pulled that off.

    • I think the time also helped…some franchises fall flat when they try to rush sequels and people get sick of them. But even Toy Story 2 was more than 10 years go, so I think people were ready this third installment.

  3. I liked the first two Toy Story films and I love pretty much everything Pixar does. I’m not a big fan of the cinema though (it’s just so expensive!) so I’ll probably wait and watch it on DVD.

    • Oh yeah, Pixar is great. And when it comes to cinema prices, tell me about it…luckily a friend of mine works for one of the theatre sponsors and he gets me tickets at ridiculously discounted prices, otherwise I’d end up in the poorhouse with all the movies I watch!

    • Gotta agree with Gordon. I haven’t seen a Pixar movie that I didn’t like. Maybe a couple I didn’t love, but they were all worth seeing.

  4. Well said. VERY well said, and probably a better endorsement than any I’ll get from mainstream media.

    We’d planned to see this with the kids, but now it’s just going to have to be a requirement!

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