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Red Dead Shenanigans

June 25, 2010

I guess I haven’t mentioned it on my blog yet, but I’m currently playing Red Dead Redemption on the Xbox 360. I was going to wait to borrow it from my brother, but he was taking a really long time to finish and with everyone I know raving about the game, I just couldn’t wait. So last week, I traded in Alan Wake for it.

Anyway, I met up with my brother earlier this week, and we started trading RDR stories. Before I go on, I just want to mention that my brother is actually a really sweet guy in real life, but he can be a right bastard when it comes to video games. Games like Fallout 3 and RDR appeal to him a lot, because it gives him the chance to do these messed up things. So he asked me the other day if I’d had the chance to lasso and hogtie people yet. I said, “Sure.” He then asked if I’ve tried dragging tied up prisoners behind my horse. I was like, “Yeah, there’s even a statistic in-game that tracks it, but it’s not like something I relish in.” In fact, I’ve been playing pretty conservatively, doing things quick and clean, avoiding trouble with the authorities if I can help it. My John Marston’s a gentleman; he does some things because he has to, and he’ll put a bullet in the head of anyone who wrongs him…but at least he’s polite about it.

My brother, on the other hand, not so much. He went on to tell me how he lassoed and dragged this one bandit a few miles out of town, hogtied him and then placed him in the middle of the railroad tracks. He then sat back and waited patiently for the train. “Well, no doubt the scumbag had it coming,” I said, “but isn’t that just a tad sadistic?”

But apparently, that wasn’t it. “For some reason, there was this nun walking down the road,” my brother told me with glee. “She stopped to check him out. Then something must have bugged or something, because she just stood there with him on the railroad tracks. When the train came, the nun and the bandit both exploded in this huge cloud of red mist!”

Granted, I probably don’t experiment as much as I should when it comes to these sandbox-y type games, but seriously, sometimes I can’t believe I’m related to this guy. Feel free to share your RDR shenanigans if you have any. While I’m not inclined to get into too much craziness myself, it always impresses me to hear how much freedom and flexibility this game allows.