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Checking In With The Terrific Tauren Two

July 1, 2010

The World of Warcraft: Cataclysm closed beta has started and is well underway, so that probably means Blizzard has things on track.

This also means that the pressure’s on to get my husband’s and my Tauren toons leveled up at least past the old world Horde content before Azeroth is changed forever. For example, we’ve already been through Thousand Needles and I just can’t believe when the expansion comes, that whole zone will be underwater with only the tips of the towering mesas showing, creating a bunch of tiny little islands. If I don’t do some of these quests now, chances are I’ll never get the chance to experience them as they are once Cataclysm releases.

Our Hunter-Warrior combination has been a lot of fun so far, though my better half and I have always been used to leveling together with one of us being a healer. We were certainly spoiled by the last two characters we leveled together, which were an overpowered Druid-Druid duo that just facerolled over everything, so needless to say we have to be a little more careful and patient this time around.

Things haven’t been going so smoothly either, since both of us are Horde noobs and half the time we have no idea where the hell we’re going. Before this I’ve been exclusively Alliance for about 4 years, and I’ve taken cities like Stormwind and Ironforge for granted. It’s a little unsettling to get dropped into a place like Undercity or Orgrimmar and have to rely on the guards because you have no clue where the Auction House, Bank or flight masters are…but I’m learning.

Old habits also die hard. I still recoil sometimes when I see the red banners of the Horde, and I almost got myself killed one time running into Refuge Pointe to get the flight point there, completely forgetting I’m a Hordie now and that the one I’m looking for is actually in Hammerfall (D’oh!)

Despite all that, I’m having a blast playing for the other team! Oddly enough, I haven’t felt the urge to play my Ally characters at all, even with the new patch.

Anyway, we both hit level 32 tonight, so I think we’ll be okay even if we continue leveling at our leisurely pace. Summer’s not exactly the best time to have MMO goals though, with the weather being so nice, and my game time being eaten up by so many outdoor distractions.

Speaking of which, Happy Canada Day to my fellow Canucks! In addition to enjoying the fireworks and parades, I’m also being dragged to something called Ribfest?