Fast And Furious

July 6, 2010

Another World of Warcraft post tonight, but just a quick one because I guess this is where I make my obligatory post about reaching level 40 and getting my epic mount. Or should I say, the used-to-be-so-much-more-epic mount? Nonetheless, it’s still a milestone.

Times really do change. I remember I didn’t get my epic mount on my first WoW character until Burning Crusade came out and I was already level 63 and somewhere in Zangarmarsh. Needless to say, I was pretty lousy at farming and saving gold back then. And I wonder if many new Paladins and Warlocks these days will still go on to do their mount quests at level 60? I mean, not that I can blame them if they don’t; I personally wouldn’t bother either, even if I hadn’t already done them in the past.

And speaking of farming gold and saving, my husband and I didn’t have much of a problem affording our riding training and mounts (even at its reduced price, it’s still relatively expensive for a couple of lowbies), because selling Uncommon green items have been so profitable. I’m not sure how it is on other servers, but on Silvermoon it’s very typical to see your level 20-35ish run-of-the-mill greens sell for 30 to 40 gold and up…and people will buy them. Seriously, what happened? Prices certainly weren’t this ridiculous last year before I took my break from WoW.

Anyway, I’ve always thought that the armored Kodos were the coolest of all the racial mounts, so I’m happy to have mine now even though it’s so bulky that getting through most doorways can be troublesome (thinking of filing a class-action lawsuit against the makers of the Undercity elevator doors, for instance). Also, can’t believe I’ve never noticed those cute little bongos ferocious war drums on the back of the Tauren mounts before!


  1. The Kodo is a great looking mount, I’m torn as to whether or not it is my favourite land mount.

    It is either the Kodo, the armoured bear ( something about those glowing eyes…) or the black war mammoth

    • I just think out of all the racial mounts, Kodos are the coolest (though I think mechanostriders are pretty neat too, but I’ve gotten tired of Ally mounts), but I don’t know what my absolute favorite land mount is, to be honest. I guess if I had to, I would choose the raven lord mount, but I don’t have it 😛

  2. Hehe first of all i gotta say i enjoy reading your blog its very well written, your stories are similar to mine and my wife lol, and 2nd my favorite land mount is my warlock firehorse mount ofc… what else? :p

    • The warlock firehorse mount is indeed very nice 🙂 I love mine too!

  3. Congrats. I’d say the reason for the inflated prices is the inflated coinpurses of today’s level 80s, playing sugar-daddy/momma to twinked-out alts/friends. Take advantage of it.

    • You’re probably right. It’s amazing how much people are willing to pay, even if it’s to twink out an alt. The way I see it, I’m leveling so quickly, it’s not worth it to spend so much money on an item only to outlevel it in a day or two. I’ll just go with the quest rewards, thanks.

  4. Congrats on your epic mounts.

    I actually held off on my buying the epic for my blood elf paladin for a specific reason. Belf pallys get a special tabard for completing the epic mount quest. If you buy the mount instead, you can’t do the quest and you lose out on the tabard. Just a head’s up for everyone out there.

    • Really, I didn’t know that! I always thought the quests will be available to you no matter what, intact with all its rewards. I don’t know if I’ll ever level a blood elf paladin, but that’s good to keep in mind.

  5. Wow, interesting Anjin.

    My first ever epic mount was a gnome rocket chicken, pre-BC. I was on the cusp of 60 and didn’t have nearly the gold I needed. However I got a random blue world drop at the last moment. A friend of mine that was much better at working the market than me managed to sell in for 700 gold (a hell of a lot back then). I don’t think I’ve ever been as happy with something I bought in an MMO before or since.

    • Wow, a blue for 700 gold…I remember those days. Never had a lucky drop like that for me, but this story reminds me of a guy I dated once who told me he hit the jackpot when a mature blue dragon sinew dropped for him in Winterspring right before he hit level 60. Back then, hunters needed that to complete a quest to get an epic quiver, so he made a bundle selling that, enough to buy his epic mount twice over.

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