KOTOR II – Taking Off

July 7, 2010

Finally, I was able to put aside several hours tonight to focus on Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords. I can’t promise this post won’t contain any spoilers, so heed this warning if you have any concerns about that at all.

Respect the T3 unit!

I’m not very far into the game yet, but already I can tell that much of what I’ve heard about the darker tone of KOTOR II is true. First of all, the Peragus Mining Facility isn’t exactly the happiest place in the galaxy, and the dead bodies lying all over the place certainly don’t help. The companions I’ve met so far, while interesting and thus far benign, nonetheless still give me the creeps. Even the amicable Atton Rand seems like someone I should be watching out for (I can’t help it, after the emotional roller coaster that was Carth Onasi from the first KOTOR, I’m suspicious of all and any pilots who say they just want to “help”). And Kreia…well, do I really need to explain why she creeps me out? Gotta love T3-M4 though; those utility droids never get the love they deserve. I also feel especially attached to that little bot, seeing as how I played him more than I played my own character during the first couple hours of the game.

Anyway, I just got off that rock and am now on my way to Telos (leaving a trail of death and destruction in my wake, which is par for the course). Despite this ominous start to my adventures, I gotta say I quite liked that whole introduction section to the game, perhaps even more than I liked Taris in KOTOR. And that’s really saying something, because I adored Taris in the first game. I just felt that my goals and the overall experience on Peragus was much more focused, and the atmosphere was such that I set about my tasks with a more pressing sense of urgency.

I’m also very impressed with the writing so far; some of the dialogue I’ve encountered is fantastic. My conversations with the HK-50 droid, for instance, are going to stay with me for a long time. By the way, I noticed he didn’t stop using the “condescending” prefixes even after I told him to knock it off, that bastard.


  1. Kreia is a peach, you’ll grow to love her.

    I thought about half of the companions were redundant or uninteresting.

    I think i mentioned once on my blog that I find george lucas strange for wanting to bring back droids all the time. Hk-47 is a delight, but why the t3? (it is the same one isn’t it?)

    Most of the chicks I liked, with really only atton and the preserver and hk i suppose being the others.

    • At least keeping HK and the T3 unit makes sense – it’s the same ship after all, and the story is trying to find out what happened to Revan.

      BUT damn, they really didn’t need to have C-3P0 be made by Anakin.

      • “BUT damn, they really didn’t need to have C-3P0 be made by Anakin.”

        OMG I agree, that was so stupid!

    • George Lucas is strange for many of his decisions (the General Grievous cough, anyone?) but I personally love those little utitlity/astromech etc. droids. It’s like having a little puppy.

      • Grievous supposedly was injured so badly in the past that his body needed major cybernetic replacement parts, but his remaining biological bits still weren’t at 100%. Also, mace Windu beat him up a bit in the ‘Clone Wars’ TV show and damaged him even beyond that. Hence the cough he had in the movie.

      • @Pai

        Ahh, that’s how they explained it in universe. But actually…

        “The reason for Grievous’s cough actually is more complicated than the initial reason planned during production of the film. During the production of Revenge of the Sith, George Lucas came into work one day with a cough, and decided that it would be amusing to record it and use it on the new Episode III villain.”

        — from Wookieepedia, source: Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith DVD commentary

        Now you know 😀 Crazy, ain’t it?

      • Well… yeah that’s kind of cheesy. =S

      • Damn, if George Lucas doesn’t find another thing to screw up.

      • I swear, as much as I respect Lucas for the Star Wars IP, the man can be a complete nincompoop sometimes…

      • I hated that cough, i hated Revenge of the Sith Grievous all together. He was no where NEAR as bad ass as “Clone Wars” Grievous, omfg i’ll never forget when he first comes out, and he pops out those 4 arms and he’s just spinning sabres everyfucking where like, HOLY CRAP!!!! Ugggh what a beast!! I still revel in his beast mode on youtube some days 🙂

      • @Riley Escobar – I agree, that was friggin awesome. But the cough always bugged me, especially after I found out why it was actually included. Nonetheless, I still got an autograph from the guy who plays his voice 😛

  2. Yeah, Kreia is the best. She taught me so much, you gotta pay attention to what she says, lots of wisdom in the sweet old lady

    • Kreia is probably my favorite fictional character, ever.

    • Cool, I’ll reserve judgment on her until later. She’s still quite cold and standoffish to me right now 😛

      • Yeah, well you got to earn her trust. That’s what makes it so intersting, she’s not easy to convince but once you do it’s awesome. Lots of depth to the character

  3. Looking forward to what you think after you finish the game. I really really loved the first KOTOR. It may have been the first console game I ever finished. That said, I never bought or played KOTOR2 because of reviews I read about how it was rushed to retail and never finished so last quarter or third of the story falls apart.

    • I’ll have to see what happens at the end…so far, the story is writing is very good.

  4. I can’t recall if I played KOTOR 2 but I loved the first one and, if anything, reflecting on it gives me so much faith in how good a job Bioware will do with TOR. At the risk of getting my hopes up, I think they’re very talented devs who obviously understand how to make engaging games. They are, in fact, very similar to Blizzard in that regard 🙂 Maybe we really are going to see the WoW killer…

    • As some people have already pointed out, Real ID may be the real WoW killer here…heh, I think if TOR came out now they’d make a killing right away from all the people threatening they’ll cancel their WoW accounts. 😛

  5. I loved KOTR I, one of my all time favorite games. KOTR II I also really dug. I got stuck on one planet because there was simply too much to do and I got overwhelmed by options. A sad excuse, and a game I intend to return too.

    • I’m so early into the game, but I can kinda see what you mean already. The first thing I usually do when I arrive at a new place is go exploring, talking to people and gathering up all the quests I can. And there’s always a lot, I can see how that can get overwhelming.

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