SWTOR Testing Begins, And Though It’ll Probably Never Be Me…

July 9, 2010

…This has been the Star Wars: The Old Republic Friday update everyone has been waiting for. Sure, a couple weeks ago there were rumors and news that a closed beta had started already, but today’s announcement makes it official. Confirmation is big news.


And yes, I have the worst luck ever when it comes to getting chosen for these things (selection being mostly random and all that), so I’m not holding my breath at all. I’m still overjoyed, however, that things are moving along and the spring 2011 release date now feels somehow so much more palpable. Time flies when you think about it; we’ll all be sitting impatiently in front of our rigs waiting to login in no time, I’m sure.


  1. Yeah, opening the box and downloading the client is a killer. I’ll have to take a week off work

    • I’m sure this game is going to be a monster and downloading it is going to be a pain…good I usually prefer a retail box anyway.

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  3. I never get chosen for Beta either. I do have a guildie who is in this beta SWTOR and was in the StarTrek online beta. In fact he gets picked for almost any beta he applies for.

    • Your guildie is lucky. I never get chosen for anything, and it’s not just for MMO betas either 😛 I have pretty bad luck when it comes to things like this.

  4. yeah i’ve only ever got in open beta. and i signed up to the tor beta like 2 years ago at least.

    • Yep, open beta is pretty much all I’ve ever gotten into as well, though granted I’ve never signed up for anything that guarantees me beta access, like buying an LTS for Champions Online to get into STO etc. TOR beta is going to be random I think, though I read that there is a possibility a person will be considered if they post valuable and/or insightful content in the forums.

  5. Fingers crosses a key comes your way. I’m looking forward to eventually reading what you think about it.

    I never actually apply for betas. I’d rather play the retail product when it’s released so that I don’t have to put up with all the bugs. (Ha ha ha….)

    • Here’s hoping. But what Tipa of West Karana said to me on Twitter makes a lot of sense too, how playing a game you can’t write about seems like time wasted (because there’s no way I’d break an NDA) and that testing leads to a real possibility of getting tired of a game before you even get to play it for real.

      Oh well, regardless, come release time in Spring of 2011, you can be sure this blog will be inundated with my thoughts on TOR 😀

  6. re: italics. nice.

    • LOL completely unintentional, I assure you!

  7. So lame i saw this on facebook this morning, checked my inbox, and promptly cried myself back to sleep. On a serious note though, it is probably a better thought to think that while i would get to play the game earlie, maybe, just maybe i could be burned out….

    But in my experience with Betas, only once, once, did i get into the Burning Crusade Beta with a guildy of mine, which gavge some viable insight to quests, and dungeons ahead of time so our guild had an advantage…well before we all made it to Kara and hit splitsville.

    I’d imagine this beta would be different, more so just to learn the nuances of the classes before anyone else, so that way i *not that this is at all a waste* wouldn’t waste my time with a particular class and i’d KINDA know what i was missing once i dedicate myself to my class of choice.

    Unfortunately, this is a dark day for me, and millions of others… *ahem* As if they all cried out in terror…and then….nothing! /botchedkenobi

    • “I felt a disturbance in the Force. As if a million voices cried out together, and were suddenly silenced…”

      I dunno – that’s my best shot at that quote 😛

    • @ Riley Escobar – the SWTOR beta seems like it will be broken down into many sections, and different groups of people will be invited over time to test them…this might mean that more people will have a chance to be chosen for testing (at least I hope :P) but it’ll probably also make for a pretty fragmented experience.

      And ahh, Kara, the guild-breaker. 😛

      @ Paulman – close enough! And probably more accurate than I’d ever get off the top of my head!

  8. “Great shot, kid! Now let’s blow this thing and go home!”

  9. I’ve totally given up on betas. I’ve decided that I’d rather wait and play these games properly at release and not in a little, broken pieces months before they ever come out. Betas are always a real hassle too 🙂

    • Ahh yes, not to mention having to put up with the multitudes of bugs to report. Part of me says it’s too much of a hassle to bother as well, yet another part screams “I won’t mind one lick if it means I get into SWTOR testing!” LOL

  10. I am extremely psyched that SWTOR is moving close enough to release that testing has begun.

    I, too, submitted my specs for beta, but I am not holding my breath. I only hope the people who are chosen are serious, methodical gamers who will do their best to help BioWare iron out the wrinkles before launch. I look forward to as smooth a gameplay experience as possible once the game is released.

    For those who did not get into beta, maybe this will help to sum up your feelings: http://www.nooooooooooooooo.com/

    • That’s pretty much my thoughts on this too. In the end, all I’m asking for is a polished finished product, so let’s hope all testers do their part. I’ll just continue watching my inbox in the meantime 😀

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