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Saturday Night Movie: Predators

July 11, 2010

So I watched Predators tonight with my husband and brother, but it took some convincing to get me out to the theater. I’m quite fond of the franchise actually, but it wasn’t about to break my poor little heart if I had to wait for the DVD either, if you know what I mean. Considering the outlandish state of the last couple of Alien vs. Predator movies, can you blame me for being skeptical? In the end, my brother assured me that this was going to be better (fair enough, but that’s not really saying much now, is it?) and so I relented, especially after he said those magic words, “I’ll pay for your ticket.”

Surprise, surprise (at least to me), Predators turned out to be pretty decent. It would have been awesome, even, if you could forget the first two Predator movies were ever made. But as they were, we already know what tricks those camouflaging, trophy-hunting, heat-seeking bastards have up their sleeves, we’ve already seen some of the ways we puny humans can outsmart them, and we’ve already heard all the classic lines. The most interesting plot twist almost seemed beside the point, and Adrien Brody, who’s like the last actor I’d expect to ever see in a Predator movie, makes a valiant and successful attempt to be a badass…but in the end, he’s still no Arnold Schwarzeneggar.

Still, it was a spine-rippingly entertaining and suspenseful ride; obligatory for Predator fans and worth checking out if you’re a serious sci-fi film buff.