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This Does Not Bode Well For The Federation…

July 26, 2010

"We must acknowledge, once and for all, that the purpose of diplomacy is to prolong a crisis." -- Spock. Smart man.

On the quest for the elusive “surprise” Tribble reward, my adventures continued this past weekend on the Star Trek Online test server. On Sunday, I delved into the mystifying and bureaucratic world of the Federation Diplomatic Corps.

Two diplomacy missions down, failed both on the first attempts. Dammit, my T’Andy’s a Vulcan and a soldier that likes things that go boom, how can you give her something like a Pulse Laser and expect her not to use it?

So far, “leading with the olive branch” hasn’t been working out very well for my captain, but fortunately, if at first you don’t succeed, the missions can be restarted. So don’t panic, that war you accidentally started isn’t going to be permanent, and T’Androma should be sporting that shiny new ambassador suit in no time.

I have to commend Cryptic for their efforts. Making it as a career diplomat is more than I expected. The two missions I managed to complete involved a lot of investigation, research, and running around talking to NPCs. So brush up your MMO reading skills, Federation captains, because if my experience has taught me anything, you have to be pretty thorough and you don’t get much room for error. I’ve heard that these diplomatic missions can get pretty complex, so I’m prepared to be thrown into even hairier situations.

Admittedly, schmoozing some snobby politician is nowhere near as fun as blasting Borg cubes in space…but damn, these new snazzy captain’s quarters make it all worthwhile (that’s right! New ship interiors!)

My place. Tonight. You bring the Chateau Picard, I'll bring my usual Vulcan frigidity. How's that for diplomacy, or did I fail that one too?