The Imagination Station

July 27, 2010

So I’ve been in the United States for bit over a week now, still getting used to life in suburban NJ which so very different from downtown Toronto. No more police sirens blaring up and down the street all night long. No more sounds of drunken bums fighting right outside my window. And nothing is open 24 hours and within walking distance around here when it’s late and I don’t feel like firing up the car.

I’ve been a city girl almost my whole life, so getting used to being away from the hustle and bustle has been the biggest challenge for me. Other than that, the US isn’t that much different from Canada. Of course, there are things I miss from back home that we don’t have here, or are very hard to find…things like like ketchup chips and Smarties, loonies and toonies jingling in my pockets, and hell, I even miss seeing French on the food packaging.

And of course, I miss the Space channel.

I’ve tried watching Syfy, but it’s just not the same (like why, pray tell, is there wrestling?) I still flip on the TV thinking, “Star Trek marathon!” every afternoon before I get settled down to work, and then I remember with a sad feeling that I don’t have Space anymore. Confound it all, where am I going to get my TNG, DS9 and Voyager fix now? And it’s weird because it’s 4am as I’m typing this, I just woke up, can’t get back to sleep and I’m feeling a little homesick…and strangely enough, I find myself wondering what’s on Space right now (just checked the online schedule — it’s their cheesy Slasher Movie Monday, so it’s Freddy vs. Jason).

Space also has the best promos ever, and I just spent the last ten or so minutes enjoying some of my favorite ones on YouTube. Seeing as every commercial establishment within a ten-mile radius from me is closed at the moment, I couldn’t think of anything better to do to pass the time.

Granny with a Bat’leth…now that’s scary:

Space salutes those who make a difference:

This, of course, has to be the most adorable commercial I’ve ever seen:

And this is its superhero counterpart. Go kid Captain Canada.


  1. Aww, don’t worry. It takes time to get adjusted πŸ™‚

  2. I just compared Spacecast vs Syfy. Too much Primeval, not enough Trek (only one Enterprise episode) on Syfy. In general I like selection of shows aired on Space a lot more.

    Yeah, I would prefer Space, too.

    The German Scifi is also pure crap. Right now they air Babylon 5 and TOS at the witching hours and Stargate and Sanctuary (I never bothered with that show) all over the day and a bit the new Flash Gordon stuff. I am not too happy about their selection.

    • Oh man, Space is like Trek heaven. Every weekday 1pm – Enterprise, 2pm – The Original Series, 3pm – Deep Space 9, 4pm – The Next Generation, 5pm – Voyager. I used to just leave the TV on Space the whole afternoon while I worked, until dinner time. This summer, they’re even playing the movies on weekends.

      And I despise Santuary. It’s actually a Canadian series, but it took Space forever to get it. No matter though, I cannot stand to watch that show.

  3. Hey its 5:32 am here and I can’t sleep either. I’m sitting home with my cofee waiting to go get my copy of Sc2 with DS9 playing in the background. I’d miss space too.

    Hang in there! I’ve moved a lot in my life and you always end up finding something new to love about your place.

    Altough NJ…. jk πŸ™‚

    • Oh yeah, I forgot they also reply some of the Star Trek episodes super late at night/super early in the morning! πŸ˜€ I’ve woken up early and caught some of it sometimes.

  4. Those ads are amazing. Grandma teaching Klingon is easily my favorite out of the bunch!

    *is now tempted to visit Canada just for that one channel*

    • That one is my favorite too…she sounds great at it too, which is the most hilarious part.

  5. I wonder if they have SPACE available on DirecTV or Dish network.

    • Not on DirecTV that i have seen but there are some weird channels on there. I can get the Rural Farm Delivery network with polka shows and pony tricks. :/

    • No, not on DirecTV…we have that, actually, and I’ve checked.

      Next time I go through the channel list I’ll keep my eyes open for the polka shows though, now Thac0’s gotten me curious πŸ˜›

  6. Hang in there! There seems to always been an episode of trek running on somewhere on TV. I saw BBCAmerica running TNG episodes. SYFY is not very good, it seems like they get worse with age and with that dumb name change.

  7. I love how New Jersey is an improvement when it comes to crime! Hahahahahahaha, oh the irony.

    We do have Smarties though! πŸ˜€ Welcome to the States, grab a beer and start flaming people about healthcare!

    • We do have Smarties! But poutine is very hard to find 😦

    • Toronto’s crime rate is relatively okay, but it is a big city and you get all the riffraff you’d expect. Oh, but US politics are so much more interesting!

      And I totally forgot about poutine…I’m going to make my own now.

    • Haha, Jersey an improvement in crime? Gamer Chick must not live in Camden then… when I lived in good ol’ dirty Jersey it was the #1 most violent city in the US I think πŸ™‚

      Hang in there Chica… I did the Jersey thing for about 3 years when I graduated college, it takes some getting used to. The italian food is the best in the country, so enjoy that πŸ™‚ Avoid Seaside Hights in the summer… at night anyway… It’s good for watching freaks though!

      • LOL I think that’s actually kinda close by.

      • Haha, well skip Camden and enjoy Phili or Trenton! Seriously though, don’t go down into Camden at night… even the cops don’t go in there after 5 pm… so I hear πŸ˜‰

  8. New Jersey?? You gonna be in the new Jersey Shore?

    Welcome to the States. They give you the Lipitor Prescription yet?

  9. I’ve lived my entire life within the bounds of California, so the worst culture shock I’ve endured was going off to college. What was that, nineteen years ago? I’m so old.

    • I’ve moved a lot my whole life, but always to and from or within big cities. This is like the second time I’ve lived in the suburbs…and the second time I’ve had an actual lawn! πŸ˜›

  10. I could go my whole life without seeing another episode of trek. I think i’ve seen them all thrice thanks to space. however, if you’re up in the middle of the night may i suggest (endorsed) ice films? surf the channel? tvshack.cc? watch-movies.net.in? or watch-tv-show.net?

    i’m sure there some trek in there somewhere.

    • Oh yes, that reminds me… now that you’re in the Promised Land, you can watch Hulu! And subscribe to Netflix (with streaming)!

      • Yay Hulu! πŸ˜€

      • Oh yeah, I gotta look into Hulu. We already have Netflix though…oh god, I love it and I love the streaming…watching seasons 7-12 of King of the Hill right now (love that show) with episodes of the Legend of the Seeker sprinkled in between πŸ˜›

        Canada should be getting Netflix streaming soon though, I saw an article about that.

      • also great is that you now have the ability to be sued for copyright infringment! i did not think of that! yay united states!

  11. i was watching freddy vs. jason last night! hahaha. it fucking sucked.

    • LOL I actually saw that in the theater when it came out…oh so many years ago. So bad.

  12. *Hugs* I hope you get settled in and start feeling more at home soon. Sometimes it takes awhile. Even moving a mile from where I was , in our recent move, it took me a couple of weeks to settle in.

    I find sometimes it’s best to settle down in front of something I want to see instead of whats on. Have you guys thought about getting Netflix? They have tons of shows on there, we like to watch different TV series and it’s prefect for that. You might even find some of those shows you miss on Hulu. If you have a console makes it so easy to watch them on the TV!

    • Ah I see some have mentioned it in the comments above. That’s what I get for skimming over heh!

      • Heh heh, yep, we have Netflix. Now that the Wii supports it too, we have so many devices that can stream. Can’t complain about nothing good on TV ever again, really.

  13. I’ve been watching SyFy for years, and I still haven’t figured out why they show wrestling.

    • I actually looked up WWE NXT to see what it’s all about. Didn’t really enlighten me. It’s like a reality wrestling show?

      • Welcome to America? We have Reality that isn’t Reality, Reality Reality, and Some-Reality But Not Really Reality TV. *Shrugs*

      • No idea, I avoid that stuff (wrestling and reality shows) whenever possible. That may account for the amount of gaming I do. πŸ™‚

  14. I’ve been in the US for 8 years now, and I *still* miss ketchup chips and Smarties and French labelling. Poutine, too!

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