STO: Not Another T’Andy Tour!

July 29, 2010

That’s right, the team that brought you “A Tour of a Klingon’s Bridge” and “Meet the Taiga Crew!” is back with its latest installment featuring the new ship interiors of Star Trek Online Season 2.

As a special treat, we are joined today by fleetmate Xerxes Khan of Combat-Archaeology.net. What do you say to a girls’ night in Xerxes? Come join me on the bridge, I’m about to start my workout.

Season 2 adds ship interiors and a new tab to the Ship Tailor selection screen for captains to select small, medium or large interiors for their ships. Unfortunately, there is still little to no functionality. We all know it’s “One step at a time” when it comes to Cryptic, so T’Androma and Xerxes are just going to have to make their own fun until then. No gym? No problem! The girls start by running laps around the expansive new Crew Deck, which from this day forward will be known as “The Track.”

The tour continues on the Engineering Deck, where all the magic happens. T’Andy takes her spot at the top of the platform and surveys the activities around the U.S.S. Taiga’s warp core reactor, making sure maintenance is up to date and everyone is doing their jobs. 2 days since our last accident, folks! Oh, wait…never mind.

As Xerxes has so astutely observed, every raised platform is a dance floor in Admiral T’Androma’s eyes. Raise the roof! Every night is New Years Eve at Club Taiga!

T’Androma decides to visit is rushed to Sick Bay next, to the intensive care unit. Sadly, no functionality here either. Come on, Cryptic, this one’s easy. It’s a sick bay for crying out loud! Now that injuries are in the game, wouldn’t it be neat if we could also treat them by interacting with a biobed?

Following the Medical Aide’s instructions, the ladies take it easy for the remainder of the night. Back on the bridge, T’Andy and Xerxes relax in the newly installed Ready Room, where they give each other manicures and watch My Best Friend’s Wedding. Of note are the trophy shelves in this room (as well as in the lounge area) where the bridge owner can choose to display his or her ships and trophies, which can be earned through completing special missions and achieving accolades. There are only two slots in the Ready Room, but I would love to see more (come on, look at all that wall space!) Can’t wait to see more stuff like this for our ship interiors.

The tour and the girls-night-in concludes in the Transporter Room, where we also bid farewell to our special guest. Good bye, Xerxes darling! Thank you for choosing T’Andy Tours(TM)!


  1. I’ll be back.

    And with my own version of the story, I swear it! The world will know the truth!

    • Hey Xerxes, in space no one can hear you scream šŸ˜›

  2. Lol, quite Interesting the new ship interiors and the roll play fun you can have. Yeah I agree as well it’s one thing at a time with Cryptic so functionality of interiors would probably come later.

    • I’m a little miffed that Cryptic said they wouldn’t release ship interiors until they were ready, but then they go ahead and do it anyway. I realize functionality isn’t something you could come up with overnight, but they could have at least worked in some little things. The trophies are a good start for customization though, and I’m happy for the ship interiors, in spite of it all.

      • I was wondering about that too. I guess they could split hairs and say they are going to make them functional during Season 2, but for now they’re no more useful game-wise than bridges.

        Still fun to RP in though. šŸ™‚

      • Hey, I noticed the other night that there are four shelves in the crew lounge for accolades. You may have seen it already, but the different ship sizes refer only to the length of hallways and relative positions of rooms. The rooms themselves are the same. Plus at least on Tribble, I had to pay $1000 to change the size of the interior each time. :/ No idea where every ship interior defaults to medium. I should that cruisers would default to large, and escorts to small, but it probably doesn’t work that way.

      • Yeah there are two places where you can display trophies, the ready room and the mess hall, which has four slots. And no, I hadn’t bothered to change the ship size yet, didn’t know that those were the only changes you could make…that sucks!

  3. haha love it!

    • Dude, what happened to your blog?!

    • Yeah, that’s what I wanted to know too!

      • hmm long story, lets just say I shouldnt have been blogging whilst at work šŸ˜¦

        I’ll be back at some point I guess

      • What happened?! D:

  4. Awesome. The second to last is my favorite šŸ™‚

  5. Man! I was on the tailor screen the other night and didn’t notice the varying interior sizes. I thought it was pretty silly on Tribble when Locke’s tiny escort had the interior of a Galaxy Class cruiser, kind of like the TARDIS.

    I love your tours, GeeCee. So much more humor than I can muster.

    • I only read about the ship sizes in the notes, I didn’t test it yet. I should go look into that, since I also fly a little escort, and the huge interior really doesn’t make sense.

  6. Awesome!

    • Hey Kae, see what I mean about the lemmings leaping off the balcony in my engineering room? šŸ˜›

      • I was referring to the wardrobe actually. Good thing Bryn wasn’t there, I’m not sure what color a Kae turns when they blush. Purple?

  7. Hehe that was cute!

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