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Remember, What Happens On Nar Shaddaa Stays On Nar Shaddaa…

July 30, 2010

Got Pazaak?

Nar Shaddaa. I love the way the name rolls around in your mouth before you spit it out like a punch from a hyperspace cannon.

If you had asked me what I thought this Friday’s Star Wars: The Old Republic would be, I would have guessed another timeline. What I didn’t expect to see at all, was another “planet”. I was not surprised, however, to discover that it was Nar Shaddaa. Smuggler’s Moon, Little Coruscant, or whatever you want to call it, Bioware has already made more than enough references to this shady world in their published materials to make me suspect that it would be included in SWTOR’s planetarium.

Remember it from Knights of the Old Republic II? The Exchange and all that jazz? The fifth and largest moon of Hutta (another previously revealed planet), Nar Shaddaa is an ecumenopolis like Coruscant…except darker, trashier, and scummier. You can count on my Bounty Hunter being a regular here! On a more serious note, Bioware being the outspoken advocates of “decisions-that-matter” gameplay that they are, I’m predicting we’ll be seeing a lot of quests and storylines involving moral choices here on this world.

The “glittering neon towers and floating pleasure palaces” of its top levels also bring to mind a bleaker, more twisted version of Vegas. Its proximity to the Hutt Space capital has led it to become a criminal haven where all manner of illegal activities take place in its bowels. Anything illegal elsewhere in the galaxy can be sold, bought and traded here. Guess complaining about the filth in the trade channels will take on a whole different meaning on Nar Shaddaa.

With this newest announcement, SWTOR’s planet count now sits at a whopping 14! Not too many if you just take the number, but consider what Bioware has said about making each of these worlds “giant”, “massive”, “wide open” and “huge” (not to mention, check out the level of detail in this short video of Nar Shaddaa). Just how big is this game going to be?



July 30, 2010

My mother sent me an email full of pictures of pretty cakes tonight (don’t ask). Bless that woman’s prim and proper soul, since it seems she’s into that kinda thing, I hope she didn’t mind that I sent her pics of these cakes for her collection.

Now I’m just waiting for that “WTF” email to come back.