Remember, What Happens On Nar Shaddaa Stays On Nar Shaddaa…

July 30, 2010

Got Pazaak?

Nar Shaddaa. I love the way the name rolls around in your mouth before you spit it out like a punch from a hyperspace cannon.

If you had asked me what I thought this Friday’s Star Wars: The Old Republic would be, I would have guessed another timeline. What I didn’t expect to see at all, was another “planet”. I was not surprised, however, to discover that it was Nar Shaddaa. Smuggler’s Moon, Little Coruscant, or whatever you want to call it, Bioware has already made more than enough references to this shady world in their published materials to make me suspect that it would be included in SWTOR’s planetarium.

Remember it from Knights of the Old Republic II? The Exchange and all that jazz? The fifth and largest moon of Hutta (another previously revealed planet), Nar Shaddaa is an ecumenopolis like Coruscant…except darker, trashier, and scummier. You can count on my Bounty Hunter being a regular here! On a more serious note, Bioware being the outspoken advocates of “decisions-that-matter” gameplay that they are, I’m predicting we’ll be seeing a lot of quests and storylines involving moral choices here on this world.

The “glittering neon towers and floating pleasure palaces” of its top levels also bring to mind a bleaker, more twisted version of Vegas. Its proximity to the Hutt Space capital has led it to become a criminal haven where all manner of illegal activities take place in its bowels. Anything illegal elsewhere in the galaxy can be sold, bought and traded here. Guess complaining about the filth in the trade channels will take on a whole different meaning on Nar Shaddaa.

With this newest announcement, SWTOR’s planet count now sits at a whopping 14! Not too many if you just take the number, but consider what Bioware has said about making each of these worlds “giant”, “massive”, “wide open” and “huge” (not to mention, check out the level of detail in this short video of Nar Shaddaa). Just how big is this game going to be?


  1. But the real question is will i be able to hang out, smoke a few Yarrock sticks then craft and sell spice there. As a reformed smuggler I need to know. I still have crates of Neutron Pixies that need hawking.

    • LOL nice…to be honest, I doubt SWTOR will have crafting anywhere as intricate as SWG’s. But it’s a whole different game thus a whole different story; for better or worse, Bioware is out to make the game they want to make.

  2. Considering the Imperial Agent begins on Nal Hutta along with the Bounty Hunter, I can only imagine what sort of quests will be awaiting me in the crimeworld of Nar Shaddaa.

    Dare I hope…a contracted hit on a Hutt crimelord? Oh, the possibilities…

    • So does that mean you’re thinking of playing either IA or BH? I’m personally completely enamored with the latter, but the IA class sounds intriguing too. On the surface it doesn’t seem like a very glamorous choice, and like the Smuggler, it’s one of those classes that haven’t really been too hyped, but from what I’ve read that’s out there, I think it will turn out they’ll have one of the more interesting storylines.

      • I plan to play an Imperial Agent, either for my first or second toon. Not only because of the espionage angle, but to hear some more dialogue with that freakin awesome “upper crust” English accent. (“You could be the Queen of Naboo, for all I care.”)lol

        BioWare has definitely been less vocal on the IA & Smuggler classes. My hope is that, similar to the Jedi, those classes will get a bit more of the spotlight as the launch date nears. I am going to be waiting eagerly for PAX to arrive, and I’m expecting/hoping to see some more info on these classes. PAX was actually more of a showcase for SWTOR last year than E3 was (PAX was where they unveiled the Sith Warrior, showed off Trooper/Smuggler/BH gameplay, etc.), so I am cautiously optimistic about seeing some new gameplay demos there, learning more about the classes, and maybe seeing some of the other player ships that haven’t been unveiled, as yet.

        The BH class looks like the kind of sweetness that comes out of a Reese’s PBC wrapper.lol I will play it eventually, but I have never seen a true espionage class in an MMO, and I just can’t resist. I can already see the similarities in quests for the classes, but also the differences.

        Say you have a quest to kill a Hutt kingpin.

        If you are a Bounty Hunter, you might wait for his floating barge (oh dear sweet merciful fate, Nar Shaddaa looks so sweet!) to hit a predetermined area and then ambush it – killing him quickly, then using your tricks and firepower to get off the barge and into the lower city where you can hide out.

        If you are an IA with the same quest, you might stake out an advantageous sniping position on a balcony of a massive skyscraper adjacent to his barge’s course. When it arrives, say you have to snipe specific targets who are providing protection for him. But you have to move quick, because each one that falls will alert the Hutt to the IA swinging the scythe (sniper rifle) down upon his hapless crew.

        Judging by what I’ve heard about quests for the IA & BH, these don’t sound like far-fetched scenarios. Which is why there is probably a 50% chance I’ll go mad with anticipation waiting to play this game…

      • “You could be the Queen of Naboo, for all I care.” LOL I loved that line too!

        I’m looking forward to see what will come out of PAX as well, seems they save all the “big” reveals for the convention circuit. As for BH vs. IA, I’m currently reading Fatal Alliance which is the first SWTOR book, and it’s been giving some hints of the way the classes will play out. BH is the gadgeteer, of course, like Bioware has said you will have all this tech at your disposal. It’s harder to pin down the IA, on the other hand, but from what I gather there will be a lot of infiltrating and a lot of double crossing LOL. Like I said, I honestly think this class is going to have the coolest/most interest class story!

  3. My first thought was “Vegas” lol. The video clips of Nar Shaddaa look so good. I hope they have some dance clubs like in GTA to dance in.

    • I agree, the pictures and video looked so good. I think Nar Shaddaa is my favorite “planet” so far, art and concept wise.

  4. Yeah they are getting quite high up there with the planets. If they’re any kind of size at all thats going to be a lot of content. We’re more than half a year away from release still i’d guess, so there has to be more to come and more that they may never announce before the game is released. crazyness.

    • I think there will be more, but not that many more. Actually, I thought they would be slowing it down by now with the planet reveals, I wasn’t really expecting to see another one for weeks. One of the devs was quoted saying there will be “dozens” of worlds in SWTOR, but he might have been exaggerating or referring to something else other than planets.

      • I think this calls for another friendly wager. I bet you, double or nothing, there will be at least 24 planets. What do you say?

      • LOL when I think about it, it sounds like a lot, but a part of me actually thinks 24 or more planets at release is a possibility. But since this is a friendly wager, I’ll take that bet. I’m thinking the final number at release will be 20-22. We’re looking at say, around 8-9 months more to the projected release window, right? There needs to be 10 more planet reveals between now and then to make the count 24, and I can’t see them doing more than an average of 1 planet a month at most.

        But I guess if they decide to do a mass planet reveal one of these days, I’m screwed 😛

      • Time wise, if they’re releasing all planets, you’re right. but if they aren’t planning on releasing all the planets, and there end up being 24 planets in game, I will expect my money… oh right. we’ll be even.

  5. It looks really neat. Wish the game would hurry up already!!

  6. Looks pretty. I will have to go there to recruit my minions of course. That and getting drunk on actual alcool instead of the water they serve on Coruscant.

  7. […] planet update along with the last one featuring Nar Shaddaa have been my favorite ones so far. The look of Corellia may be more subdued than say, Coruscant, […]

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