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Return Of The Pup

August 7, 2010

You may have noticed that I didn’t post as much last week. That’s because I’ve had my hands full since Monday, having virtually no time to game at all while taking care of our new puppy:

We fell in love with him even before we got to meet him, when the breeder showed us pictures of the litter. And when we finally got to look at the puppies last weekend, he turned out to be the sweetest, most playful and affectionate of the bunch (Cavalier King Charles Spaniels are already an exceptionally friendly breed, so that’s saying something). We knew right then that he was the one for us.

Funny thing is, afterward the breeder told us she had given all the puppies nicknames to make identifying them easier. The males all had names like Maximus, Titus, and Spartacus…that is, except for our pup. Believe it or not, his nickname had been “Aragorn”, because she thought there was something “kingly” about him. Ah, did I mention we’re both big geeks and that my husband is a huuuuuuge Lord of the Rings fan? It was almost like a sign.

Never underestimate my ability to completely nerd up a post. While we loved the idea of our puppy having a LOTR name, “ARAAAGOOORN!” wasn’t something we wanted to be yelling out loud in a public place like a park or in front of our neighbors, so we decided to go with the Heir of Gondor’s more neutral-sounding alias instead, and named him Strider.